BYOD: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

BYOD: ::::: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY Make sure you answer these 6 questions so your BYOD program's all good. .... **.......* -WHAT IS BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE: BYOD? A POLICY OR PRACTICE THAT ALLOWS PERSONAL DEVICES TO SERVE DOUBLY |SMARTPHONE, TABLET, NOTEBOOK, USB MODEM, WIRELESS HOTSPOT CARD 1. WHO BUYS THE DEVICES? GOOD UGLY BAD Don't make your employees foot the bill! They'll treat the device LESS AS A WORK TOOL. SUBSIDIZE employees device purchases. 72% of employers do not reimburse employees for data usage DO NOT IL WRITE BLANK CHECKS! BOOSTS MORALE and encourages BYOD practices! Costs savings on BYOD will go out the window if you don't set boundaries. 2. WHAT'S THE RIGHT POLICY? GOOD • BAD UGLY DEVICE POLICIES ESTABLISH BUT DON'T OVERDO IT! A CLEAR POLICY limiting the number of devices. Don't announce a BYOD program without any policies set in place! That's a RECIPE FOR IL DISASTER 3.3 BY Average number of connected devices per worker is expected to reach 2014 Leave enough of a selection that employees still feel like they have a choice. 3. WHAT'S THE EMPLOYEE'S ROLE? GOOD BAD •UGLY PROVIDE Don't ban devices FOR NO REASON DEVICE GUIDELINES ENGAGE & EDUCATE highlighting strengths and weaknesses, but let employees make the final decision. employees with device workshops. APPROVED BANNED 16.8 MILLION: Number of Android and iOS devices activated last Christmas Day Evaluate and move quickly to bring new technology into the fold. 4. WHAT'S THE IMPACT ON L.T.? GOOD UGLY • BAD DON'T ABANDON DON'T OVERWHELM YOUR I.T. BYOD users: they carry most responsibility for J) I( device and software maintenance, but should still have IT available. OPEN FOR BUSINESS 84% Create set hours when IT will be available for one-on-one problems or Minimize IT involvement with BYOD users: deploy a centralized mobile device management solution for IT admins to manage the of businesses both ALLOW & build a robust internal SUPPORT employees can turm to site with resources that WHOLE DEVICE FLEET when they need assistance. employee-owned devices 5. HOW DO WE TACKLE SECURITY? GOOD • BAD UGLY• PROTECT YOUR KEEP YOUR NETWORK SECURE, NETWORK Keep BYOD and corporate-owned on separate Wi-Fi networks. VPN, mobile device management and network-access control are must-haves for any BYOD enterprise. AVOID BUT DON'T BAN THINGS LIKE AUDIT launching a BYOD initiative before doing a thorough audit of your network. REMOTE ACCESS 43% O U 78%ttttttti| of companies have rolled out a BYOD security strategy of Cisco employees work at least 20% of the workweek at home 6. HOW ABOUT APPS? GOOD BAD UGLY MAKE A of apps OK/not OK AVOID APPS THAT ONLY WORK ON LIST H for work. Device JAILBROKEN DEVICES management tools help enable and restrict the -THEY MAY BECOME VECTORS FOR MALIWARE. IL apps. An iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak app was downloaded DON'T BAN APPS IM+ OK NOT OK ANGRY BIRDS or your employees may line up in giant slingshots. times in 24 hours SOURCES Biztech INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS BYOD COMPONENTS

BYOD: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

shared by BizTechMagazine on Aug 08
More businesses are letting employees bring their own devices to work, but in order to keep things running smoothly, they need to plan for BYOD. BizTech magazine's infographic outlines the good, the b...


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