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Businesses Waste $10,375/Person /Year On Distractions

O Businesses waste $10,375 per person, per year on interruptions - more than the average US driver will spend to own and maintain their car (according to AAA). 33% Difficulty working/ producing 25% No time to think deeply or creatively 21% Information overload 10% March Missed deadlines 5% Lost business/ angry customers Poor work evaluation Lost/quit job 2% Lost temper/ conflicts at work of workers waste at least one hour a day on interruptions, costing businesses $10,375 per person 53% (assuming an average $30/hour wage). That's more than the average US driver will spend in 2011 to own and maintain their car. (according to the AAA). Information technology intended to save time - is actually reducing productivity The actual cost of distraction is even higher. report difficulty working, 33% and one in four can't think deeply or creatively of interruptions are digital distractions like 57% email, toggling between applications, instant messaging and personal online activities such 10% report missing a deadline as Facebook and Web searches of interruptions caused by traditional 43% activities like phone calls, chatting with coworkers, and ad hoc meetings 5% report losing clients/business Sources: March 2011 uSamp survey of 515 ITusers commissioned by harmon ie Respondents work in US and giobal businesses of al sizes, in sales, markesing human resources, or legal deparments and are at least 20 years old. Margin of eror is 430 percent Businesswek. AAA a US drvers' coata up 34 petin 2011 April 5, 2011 hapwww.buninesaosk.comapinancalnevaDOIVDPTEGL.Hm Annual cost of distraction

Businesses Waste $10,375/Person /Year On Distractions

shared by rmmojado on Jan 25
According to a recent industry survey, businesses waste $10,375 per person, per year on workplace distractions, more than the average US driver will spend to own and maintain their car. The majority o...



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