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Business Partnerships

BUSINESS RSHIPS ATNERSA TOP 3 BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS IN TECH Google SAMSUNG Google & Samsung Microsoft at&t 2 Microsoft & AT&T Apple & Samsung HOW TECH BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS HAVE BENEFITED Google & Samsung Google's Android OS makes up 80% of the global smartphone market share, and generates over $8 billion a year in revenue for Google Inc. The Android OS powers Samsung's mobile devices, and has allowed them to capture a 31% market share in the mobile market, the worldwide smartphone retailer, after selling over 300 million devices in 2013. 70% SAMSUNG 31% market D share 80% smartphone market share Google SAMSUNG 70% of all devices that 300 million devices sold use the Android OS that were sold in Q4 of 2013 were made by Samsung. 8 $8 billion revenue Microsoft & AT&T By the end of 2014, the global cloud computing industry is projected to be worth over $150 billion. Over 50% of enterprise businesses worldwide use cloud computing. The partnership grants over 3.5 million AT&T customers access to Windows Azure cloud service, where more than 50% of the Fortune 500 connects their applications and services at a rate of nearly 1,000 new customers daily. The strategic partnership ensures rapid growth in secure, reliable connectivity options for millions of consumers and enterprise customers worldwide. 50%+ of the Fortune 500 500 Microsoft at&t 000 3.5 million customers 1,000 new customers 9 Apple & Samsung For nearly a decade Samsung has provided Apple with high resolution screens and the microprocessor brains that control iPods, iPhones, and iPads. In 2013, Apple had $37 billion in profits from selling over 71.1 million iPads, 26.4 million iPods, and 150 million iPhones. This strategic alliance keeps both companies alive, considering that Apple relies so heavily on Samsung's tech components for product development and growth, and that Apple's purchases account for $10 billion of Samsung's business in 2013, or roughly 17% of total sales. O $37 billion profit $10 Billion sale to Apple only O D 71.1 million iPads SAMSUNG A 26.4 million iPods 17% of total sales to Apple O 150 million iPhones BENEFITS OF FORMING BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS Ability to Outsource Your Weaknesses Shared Responsibilities Improves oll) Efficiency and Productivity Access to Additional Intelligence Shared Resources Offers Reduced- Facilitates Growth- Cost Opportunities Improves Profitability BRAND Limits Organizational Liability Increased Brand Awareness Achieve Synergy to Build on Strengths o 00 Access to New Customer Base Opportunity to Reach New Markets WHERE TO PARTNER Offers tech companies in Europe and the U.S. to search for potential channel partners in the same way you might engage someone on a dating site. Allows members to form professional relationships and provides opportunities to engage millions of individuals worldwide. ACE CHANNELPLA LINKEDIN Linked in channelplace XING Quora XING Platform for working professionals QUORA which allows them to share Permits businesses to present their industry expertise and network with other members. Meetup industry expertise, and get together for networking events. MEETUP Localized offline group meetings for working professionals. channelplace ones-7lm-ipads/ att-shows-the-new-path-cloud-partnerships-227164 NEWS/Understanding_the_Benefits_and_Challenges_of Strategic_Alliances/ siness/starting-a-business-from-scratch/choosing-a-business-structure-intro/partnership-advantages-and-disadvantages al-networking-needs/71263/

Business Partnerships

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Top 3 Business Partnerships in Technology: 1. Google & Samsung 2. Microsoft & AT&T 3. Apple & Samsung


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