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Business Lessons from the Fictional Elite

BUSINESS LESSONS from the Fictional Elite Tenacity and passion are cornerstones to a fulfilling, successful career in the corporate world and on the brave frontier of entrepreneurship. You can find these traits in today's leaders, but let's toss another facet of success into the roster: imagination. These 10 fictional business trailblazers offer lessons on how to succeed or fail, how to stand out, and how to brilliantly break the rules. “Jarvis, sometimes you TONY STARK Before he became Iron Man, Tony Stark was just a boy enraptured with mastering machinery. Stark's inventive drive propelled him to attend MIT for electrical engineering at just 15. His parents' murder hurled him into the world of business despite his preference for a brash playboy lifestyle. It wasn't until he was kidnapped by terrorists who aimed to exploit his genius for weaponry that he had to engineer his own survival and become O IRON, BRONZE, SILVER, TITANIUM, GOLD Tony rebuilds his armor to better suit his iron. Go for physiological cues. Use consumer feedback as a Iron Man. every time. deliver 100% source for inspiration and development. O THE PRICE OF POWER Tony tirelessly strives to ensure that his advanced weaponry doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Avoid making unethical deals. "I am Daenerys Stormborn, of the blood of Old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood!" Daenerys' heart-driven, determined demeanor rallies her followers - this makes her a formidable CEO. She harvests opportunity from loss and carefully weighs where to place trust. The Khaleesi understands that loyalty trumps numbers, forging alliances that are steadfast and sincere. O ADAPT AND CONQUER Daenerys is constantly thrust out of her comfort zone, but she adapts. She learns the Dothraki language and earns respect. To claim a stake in your field of business, you need to be willing to learn the tools of the trade TARGARYEN while going above and beyond. O DRAGON EGGS "I'm not in the meth Walter Patience is essential to navigate the rocky waters of a startup business. Your initial resources may be humble, but with knowledge and perseverance, they can be cultivated into vast Your them and efforts. businesS iS made up of dividends. business. I'm in the White trudged on as a teacher to careless students because of his passion for chemistry but when he is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, he enters the rotten O BETTER CALL SAUL Partners can make or WHITE break your business. Jesse's street smarts balance White's chemical underbelly of crime by cooking meth to ensure his family's financial security. genius. Build partnerships that fortify weaknesses and amplify strengths. O THE ONE WHO KNOCKS Be ahead of the game. Define what 100% means. Test limits. Be the one who invents the news on what's new. O THE CHEMISTRY OF OBSESSION Would Apple be the fruit of every techie's eye if Steve Jobs settled for just an "acceptable" product? Walter's obsession with flawless production led to high "You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!" demand. BETTY SUAREZ of Mode Magazine Betty Suarez is a quirky, big-hearted ball of fire. When she O EMBRACE YOUR QUIRKS lands a job for the avant-garde fashion magazine Mode, Betty finds herself in a cutthroat world far beyond her element. Despite the ridicule, Betty's wholesome, innovative approach wins over the right people. She is savvy in a heartfelt way; this guides her in achieving big dreams. Betty offers authentic flavor to the sharp-edged fashion world. By harnessing the individuality of employees, you may discover new ideas that can lift your business above the sea of sameness. O WORKING CLASS Betty's humble origins work to her advantage at Mode. A firm work ethic and taking nothing for granted will build a solid foundation for your business. Establish a reputation of getting the job done. I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be." After O I BELIEVE Bruce Wayne has no witnessing his parents' murder, Bruce Wayne vowed to deliver superpowers. He is a resourceful man who is hard justice in a way that the twisted Gotham empowered by purpose. Your business will thrive if it's grounded in passion-fueled goals. City could not. Wayne Enterprises, a massive Gotham-based conglomerate, became the platform of diversified resources O TRUMP CARDS Explore and invest in a variety of ventures, but keep them united with an ultimate objective. Be open to evolving technologies. needed to create the Batman. He proved to be a dedicated O A HERO ENDURES humanitarian, financing hero groups, poverty relief, health care efforts, and city revival projects. Drawbacks are inevitable. A leader has to make tough choices. For a business to survive, resilience backed by compassion is key. DON DRAPER of Sterling Cooper "Fear stimulates my imagination." Sexism, drinking on the job, smoking indoors, scheming, lies – Creative Director Don Draper presents a slew of absolute business "don'ts", but he does offer a captivating approach to pitching ideas to clients. He goes beyond asking what they want. Draper wears their shoes and puts emotional clout behind the ideas. He appeals to them as human beings while factoring in the needs of a business. O WHEN THE CHEVY BREAKS The size of your business is irrelevant; imagination, fortitude, and experience are treasures that numbers cannot touch. Hire minds, not statistics. In the same vein, don't underestimate a potential hire based on a thin resume. You could be passing on brilliance. O FACE-TO-FACE Draper's emotive marketing wouldn't have the same allure over emails. Some Professionalism doesn't mean robotic. Every client is a concepts don't translate with the same vigor over “paper" as they would via voice. When possible, connect to potential clients on a human level. the idea and which part's the execution of the idea, the difference This is why PEGLY OLSON of Sterling Cooper and CCC between which part's if done right. O BE INDISPENSABLE Peggy put backbone and heart into her work. Full engagement equals job security. If you struggle to be fully engaged, it indicates that something must change, whether that be your attitude, environment, or career. Peggy Olson began as a Don Draper's fluttery protégé, but she refused to let the gender rigidity of the times smother the shine of her talent. Her O BOREDOM BITES Don't permit complacency into your workflow. Downtime is needed, but to build momentum towards your dream career, you need to take on new challenges and explore new creative processes. grit and creativity lifted her through the ranks and earned positions that serve to augment her abilities. O ATTITUDE TRUMPS ATTITUDE Misconceptions happen and bigotry still exists. Don't let it phase you. Your mind is what matters. Have an attitude to succeed despite all odds and you're on your way. hunting things... The Winchester brothers have been embroiled in the 'Family Business' for their entire lives. While the dress code does often call for suits, it's never locked into an office. They hunt down their own work, research thoroughly, adapt readily, and take pride in their expertise. In essence, they represent the spirit of entrepreneurship. of 'The Family Business' SAM & DEAN WINCHESTER O THE HUNT "If you build it, they will come" is rarely effective, especially with so much competition. Just like the brothers scour media sources for work, an entrepreneur must be active in the search for opportunities, especially early on. OA LITTLE ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS Sam and Dean know their stuff, and when they don't, they research. Entrepreneurs need to be adaptable in order to stay in tune to client's demands. Bree Van de Kamp is a Jane of all trades. Often exalted as THE Domestic Goddess, she channels her perfectionist ambition into a catering start-up that blooms into a national brand. Despite BREE VAN DE KAMP O FAMILY FIRST Sam and Dean are grounded in each other. Your business will thrive if you continue to nurture your personal roots. Nothing should outweigh those bonds. struggling through loss, heartbreak, betrayal, and addiction, her entrepreneurial efforts and cookbook publication earn her a 'Business Woman of the Year' award. “This is the way| offer to help in a crisis, O SELF-MADE WOMAN Bree's scrupulous eye for detail became an asset to the success of her catering business. Harness each employee's unique talents is key for both startups and established businesses. Bernstein, if I hadn't O ADD FROSTING Bree augmented her catering success by penning a book of lavish cuisine. Creating content that resonates through the target audience can do wonders for a business. great man." eing TAy ain ing Tky3 in CHARLES FOSTER KANE Charles Foster Kane climbed from poverty and manipulated his way to the mighty throne of yellow journalism, wealth, and political prowess. His megalomania and need for dominance destroyed his relationships and rendered him paralyzed in longing for the rosy times of his past. O ...THE HARDER THEY FALL Don't let the mad pursuit of wealth and status sabotage personal happiness. Money cannot buy it. O FRAGILE AS A SNOW GLOBE Sources: A life and business built on control, material wealth, and media influence will shatter in the tides of change. A strong business is rooted in human qualities, such as loyalty and family. Cornerstone ONDEMAND Empowering People gotta run before you can walk." of Stark Industries Don't stop at the gold Always or more DAENERYS padsaa people. reward their WALTER empire business." repren ♡o at eentr 8eY crim A tru BRUCE VWAYNE of Wayne Enterprises ƏAfɔadsojd "buļaq uewny UPɔ BU!Haxjew ƏAHDƏJja os aq e!paw jeIJOS Relate to that. "If you can't tell you're of no use to me." “Saving people, the family business." great friends don't take no for an answer." see it, good friends "You know, Mr. been very rich, I might| have been a really

Business Lessons from the Fictional Elite

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Would you take business advice from Daenerys Stormborn? How about Walter White? While in a practical world, their "explosive" personas wouldn't translate successfully in the business world, we can dra...


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