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The Business of Giving

THE BUSINESS OF GIVING Modern Philanthropy in the Enterprise As the economy struggles to rebound and households continue to scale back on spending, there is an increasing trend in the business world toward investing in corporate social responsibility. Even in these tough economic times, companies realize the importance of supporting local communities and philanthropic causes. Supporting a cause that positively reflects on a brand and its core values demonstrates a commitment to making a difference. Let's explore "The Business of Giving" and how companies are making an impact on philanthropies. Sharing is Caring More than halt" of U.S. aduts say that a company's reputation for being socialy responsible at least sometimes affects their decisions on whether or not they purchase something. The percent of global consumers that beleve that businesses should place equal 8 in 10 consumers in india, China and Mexico expect brands to donate some of their profts to a caune'. emphasis on societal interects as business interests: 86% Most Generous Companies Of the top 15 most giving corporations, Pfizer claimed the top spot in 2009 for a total cash and product donation of over $2.35 bilion. Interestingly, 6 out of the 15 most charitable brands were pharmaceutical companies. In just cash contributions, Wal-Mart gave away the most, at $288.1 milion. Pfizer ORACLE O MERCK Johmen-johnwen a Abbott $2,346,952,232 $2,091,900,000 $923,200,000 $637,426,000 $584,110,381 Computers 10 General Merchandiser Leley Microsoft Walmart>* Comcast Bristol-Myers Squibb $516,900,000 $484,487,871 $406,817,471 $405,633,000 $283,589,693 Telecommunications Bank of America WELLS FARGO ExonMobil IBM TARGET Petroleum Refining $209,116,567 $202,014,244 $195,855,462 $187,623,743 $187,413,269 The 5 Largest Private Foundations (By Asset Size) In terms of foundations that have great asset size and considerable fnancial backing, these are the top c FORD BILLMELINDA GATES fdenien Robert Wood Johnson Foundation KELLOGG FOUNDATION The Getty Trust $33,912,320,600 $10,881,598,073 $9,339,172,138 $8,490,415,783 $7,238,160,845 Top Philanthropists According to the Chronicle of Prilanthropy, the 50 most generous philanthropists in America gave away a total of $3.3 billion in 2010. Ranked as the third wealthiest person in the world, Buffett is widely regarded as one of the most benevolent philanthropists, In 2006, he even pledged to donate more than 90% of his personal wealth to various causes throughout and after his ifetime. Estimated Lifetime Giving Warren Buffett Bill and Melinda Gates Gordon and Betty Moore George Soros Berkshire Hathaway Microsoft Co-Founder Hedge-fund Manager $40,780,000,000 $28.144.000.o00 $7,404,000,00O $6,401,000,00o Eli and Edythe Broad Alfred Mann George Kaiser Oil and gas: banking and real estate Walton Family Ted Turner SunAmerica, KB Home Founder Family of Wal-Mart Founder Medical Device Inventor CNN Founder $2,522,000,00o $2,286,000,000 $2,015,000,000 $1,735,000,000 $1,500,000,000 Herbert and Marion Sanders Donald Bren Jon Huntsman Michael and Susan Dell Michael Bloomberg Jehn Templeton Banker and Del Bloomberg Founder NYC Mayor Huntsman Investor Co-Founders Investor Chairman Founders $1,389,000,000 $1,326,000,000 $1,233,000,000 $1,200,000,000 $1,045,000,00o $1,003,000,000 Popular Causes Based on Businessweek's "50 Most Generous Phlanthropists" ist, these charitable causes are the most popular among corporations: What Causes Do Americans Think Charities Should Focus On? A 2010 Harris Interactive Poll asked, "Thinking about the state of the world today. which types of causes do you believe should be the biggest priority for charities to focus their resources?" Health 5% Other 12% 19% Not Sure Education Youth/Families Animal Rights 3% Animals 18% Arts Environmental 7% Disaster Relief Youth/Families Environmental 12% Medical Research Human Rights Global Disaster POaoochand de cr Charitable Partnerships Pure Preventon Campaign that eposes and ATST proided vakatie meda epocure to TOMS- Who donates a por of shoes to a chidn nood ciminates the envormenta causes of broact cancer Gap whenever a par ie purchased ECLIF (RED) atat Komen TOMS Cave Lid to Sve Le Outomers can molin ter Yoct yogurt k and hep the gt aganet breast cancer Thee brands manutacture ED merchandoe where a percentage of proceds e donated to help and prevent yand ADG According to a 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker Report: 78% of Americana beleve that a partnership between a nonproft and a corporation helps a cause stand out. Kiva: Individual Donations, Enterprise Impact Kiva, the non-profit micro-lending organization, is the epitome of large scale philanthropy. Using online networks, the site enables anyone to lend as Ittle as $25 to provide capital to the less fortunate and help create opportunity worldwide. Companies ike Kiva have the power to create an impact similar to a corporate philanthropic endeavor. KIVA Whether lenders want to encourage a female entrepreneur in Sudan or help a farmer in Bolvia, they can do it without having to leave their homes. In Numbers: Number of Kva lenders Total value of all loans 586,369 $215,807,000 Number of countries-without access to tradtional banking systems-represented by Kova: 60 $231.92 amount loaned per Kiva lender: 81.31% Percent of loans which have been made to female entrepreneurs in other countries: Sources | The Chronicie of Phiontvopy | Edaman, November 2010 |Hame interactve | Cone Nonprofe Markating SOCIALCAST OOCACACALORAEM E ns OOF ERUCIM ODS KMA COM Most Generous Industries

The Business of Giving

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As the economy struggles to rebound and households continue to scale back on spending, there is an increasing trend in the business world toward investing in corporate social responsibility. Even in t...


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