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The Business of Gamification

THE BUSINESS OF O O O O ® ute GAMIFICATION WHAT IS GAMIFICATION? Gamification is the use of elements of game play in non-game contexts It provides rewards and engagement for customers HOW GAMIFICATION WORKS: 5 COMMON MECHANICS 4 MAIN WAYS TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT POINTS 100 ACCELERATED FEEDBACK CYCLES PT Measure a user's achievements in relation to others Can double as currency to exchange for rewards BADGES CLEAR GOALS AND RULES OF PLAY Reward achievements visually LEVELS Encourage users to progress and unlock new rewards A COMPELLING NARRATIVE LEADERBOARDS Organise players by rank CHALLENGING BUT ACHIEVABLE TASKS CHALLENGES Encourage engagement by offering specific tasks to complete GAMIFICATION FACTS AND STATS GAME DESIGN mentioned by 50% of companies seeking funding for consumer software applications $100 MILLION was spent on gamification in 2010 +70% 80% of Forbes Global 2000 companies planned to use gamification for marketing and customer of gamified applications fail because of poorly-defined business objectives retention in 2011 THE BENEFITS OF GAMIFICATION Users spend Companies can expect O 30% JANUARY 2-4% longer on sites with social login games increase in revenue in the first month of use THROUGH GAMIFICATION. DWP DevHub increased the number of The University of Bonn increased wiki contributions by 62% The UK Department for Work and Pensions generated 1,400 ideas for innovation in 18 months their users who complete online tasks from 10% to 80% 63 ideas were implemented Bell Media Deloitte. Bell Media increased Deloitte reduced training times by 50% Autodesk increased conversion rates by 15% customer retention by 33% .|1.|1. popchps CISCO Extraco Bank increased Cisco increased sales by 8 - 12% Popchips increased sales by 40% customer acquisition by 700% GETTING STARTED WITH GAMIFICATION Provide rewards for users Rewards can include: points, when they accomplish a specific task. discounts, freebies, levels, etc... 2. Implement a progress bar to help depict the user's This will keep participants advancement Utilize virtual currency within your web games This sort of gamification enhances exchange systems within user interactions B) Pit the players against Making user's points, badges and levels visible to each other generates a sense of competition that would inevitably increase usage 1ST each other GAMIFICATION CAN BE USED TO ENCOURAGE REAL-WORLD CHANGE Games help people complete mundane or challenging real-life tasks 22% Reduction in driver speed in Sweden after rewards Aetna encouraged users to adopt healthy life habits and manage health conditions - members visited the site on average 4x per week, for nearly 15 minutes each visit were introduced for driving at the speed limit Bayer's Didget rewards children with diabetes for Foldit turns protein folding into a game - which generated a major breakthrough in AIDS research within 10 days Pain Squad gives children with cancer incentives to testing their blood sugar levels record their pain and gives them a sense of purpose Zamzee rewards children for being active 10ØK 6,100 TONS CARS FreeRice allows users to answer OPower has used energy use data to encourage a 2% reduction in energy use on average - equivalent to removing 100,000 cars from the road Khan Academy questions to donate rice to starving people - 6,100 tons of rewards users for learning new things rice have been donated to date POPULAR GAMIFIED MOBILE APPS foursquare LAUNCHED 2009 USERS 20 MILLION Rewards users for "checking in" at locations with points and badges NIKE+ LAUNCHED 2006 USERS 11 MILLION + Encourages fitness using personal goals and challenges, achievements, progress statistics and group challenges GetGlue LAUNCHED 2010 USERS 3 MILLION Awards points and virtual stickers, with the opportunity to exchange for real stickers Cu duolingo LAUNCHED 2011 USERS 3 MILLION Users earn skill points for learning languages FITOCRACY LAUNCHED 2011 USERS 1 MILLION Users receive points, level up and can complete quests to improve their fitness THE FUTURE OF GAMIFICATION 53% +50% $2.8 BILLION By 2015, over 50% of organizations are predicted to be using gamification internet stakeholders believe gamification will keep growing over the next 5 - 10 years Businesses are predicted to spend $2.8 billion on gamification in 2016 Demand Metric is a marketing advisory firm that provides consulting methodologies, how-to guides, advisory services, online training and a library of over 500 marketing tools and templates. These premium resources are available to a membership community of over 30,000 marketing professionals and consultants in 75 countries. Using Demand Metric resources, members complete marketing projects more quickly and with greater confidence, boosting respect for the marketing team and making it easier to justify needed resources. Members range from start-ups to consulting firms to members of the Global 1000. Visit us at More st rategic DEMAND METRIC Become SOURCES

The Business of Gamification

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Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer retention and employee engagement. Check out this new infographic: The Business of Gamification to learn: what gamification is, ho...


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