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Business Disaster Preparation

The Cost of Not Having a Plan Business Continuity What is business continuity? Business continuity is about being responsible for your business by forming and ensuring its resilience. What is business continuity planning? 田 門 Business continuity planning, on the other hand, is about developing plans and measures to B combat business interruptions. BCP naysayers in numbers 48% 48% of business owners have no business continuity plan in place. 43% of 43% real estate industry 25% professionals do not consider natural disasters to be an important business issue. 25% of businesses that already have contingency plans in place have a good chance of surviving. 75% 75% of companies without business continuity plans fail within three years after facing a disaster. 不 田 的 日 田 个 40% to 60% of businesses disrupted by a disaster without a continuity plan, never reopen. Companies that cannot resume operations within 10 days after a disaster's first impact are not likely to survive. The risk of lignoring BCP R = L+l (RISK = Likelihood of the event + Impact) Likelihood - the chance of the disaster to happen Impact - disaster's effect on the enterprise Companies that ignore BCP have a bigger chance of suffering from a disaster's aftereffects and will less likely reopen and recover. Companies with BCP 0 V.S. companies without BCP Companies without BCP take longer to respond to an emergency than companies with BCP. 不 、 Companies with BCP recover faster than companies without BCP. Companies without BCP make more incorrect decisions in their early stages of recovery. Companies with BCP are the least likely to develop communication problems with their stakeholders. Sources: BCP naysayers in numbers (https:/ ( ( http://www.irsvideos gov/Individual/Disasterinformation/BusinessContinuityPlanning The risk of ignoring BCP http://www.businesswook -businesses-should-plan-for-diasters OPEN ACCESS -BPO 田 。

Business Disaster Preparation

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Every organization is at risk. Business continuity planning ensures that businesses are ready for any disaster occurrence with the right information and resources.


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