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Business Car Insurance - You Could Well Need It

BUSINESS CAR INSURANCE YOU COULD WELL NEED IT 15,753 FACT Crashes on UK Roads in last 3 years LIN 4 involved a business driver. As you read this there are thousands of uninsured business vehicle drivers on UK roads. In the majority of cases this is simply due to the fact people are unaware what constitutes business use of a vehicle. However, whether you're an employer or employee, pleading ignorance is unlikely to get you far in the event of an accident. FACT OF BRITISH DRIVERS WHO DRIVE AS PART OF THEIR JOB ARE UNINSURED for business miles FACT COLLISION RATES Business drivers have collision rates that are 30-40% HIGHER than those of private drivers TYPES OF DRIVING THAT CLASS AS BUSINESS USE If you do any of the below without business insurance you WILL NOT be covered in the event of an accident. Making deliveries or collections Driving colleagues or business contacts Running business errands during the day such as dropping off parcels to the post office around BUSINESS USE Travelling between different business sites Allowing other employees to drive your vehicle Travelling to client or business meetings FACT -50% OF PRIVATE SECTOR VEHICLES USED FOR BUSINESS ARE GREY FLEET (OWNED BY THE EMPLOYEE RATHER THAN THE COMPANY) THAT'S ABOUT 4 MILLION VEHICLES! THE DIFFERENT When it comes to business vehicle insurance there are a number of different TYPES OF types of cover available, each suitable for differing requirements. They can also vary by insurer. BUSINESS COVER AVAILABLE 1 3. CLASS 1 CLASS 2 CLASS 3 BUSINESS CLASS 2 CAR INSURANCE BUSINESS CLASS I BUSINESS CLASS 3 CAR INSURANCE CAR INSURANCE If you only drive your car short distances between different Same as Class 1 insurance but covers For travelling long distances, commercial other named drivers applications or selling. sites. to use the vehicle too. FACT 18,266 THE AVERAGE COMPANY CAR DRIVER COVERS MILES ANNUALLY THAT'S MORE THAN DOUBLE A NON-COMPANY CAR DRIVER. AVERAGE ANNUAL MILEAGE DO EMPLOYERS HAVE TO OFFER There is no legal requirement for employers to offer employees business car insurance. Some choose COVER TO to whereas others don't. EMPLOYEES? If you're an employee find out whether you're covered. If you're an employer think about whether offering insurance is something you want to do. FACT I IN 5 GREY FLEET VEHICLES DO NOT HAVE THE APPROPRIATE INSURANCE COVER Consider a vehicle with a smaller engine and high fuel efficiency. Store your vehicle in a garage overnight. HOW TO КЕЕР YOUR Install extra security devices such as immobilisers, steering locks or trackers. BUSINESS INSURANCE COSTS DOWN? Use an insurance broker like Keith Michaels to find the best deal. Negotiate a realistic mileage limit. Sources: | | | | Brought to you by ΚΕΙΤΗ MICHAELS email: [email protected] P L C phone: 0845 337 3380 Car Insurance Specialists

Business Car Insurance - You Could Well Need It

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Brief: Create an infographic that educates people on the importance of business car insurance, raises awareness for those who may be driving uninsured and also provide information on business insuranc...


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