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Business Architecture

Business Architecture Strategies for Sustainable Success STAGROUP What is Business Architecture? STA Business Architecture bridges the gap between a company's strategy and its successful execution. We work with you to understand where your business really is, where it wants to go, and what it truly takes to get there without the costly risk of trial-by-error. We integrate deeply into your organization to address all dimensions of your challenges and identify the best path to Bridging the gap between strategy and execution resolution and subsequent realization of strategic goals. 70% 10% InfoWorld 70% failure rate: corporate 10% success rate: companies The 6 Hottest New Jobs in IT change management initiatives. that execute on their vision. Hot IT Job No. 1: Business Architect Source: From statistics compiled by Source: “Do 70% of All Organizational Change Initiatives Really Fail?" Mark Hughes, Journal of Change Management, Dec. 2011 To help merge technology and business Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, cited in Executing Strategy processes, a new breed of enterprise architect with the Balanced Scorecard, known as the business architect – is emerging. 9 Learn more: Why is Business Architecture valuable? Does your company suffer from chronic disconnect? A common problem in today's business: the upstream corporate vision fails to get successfully translated into actionable objectives. Downstream, critical coordination fails amongst business units, as well as between the business and IT. Missing the target VISION & STRATEGY When individual business units interpret the strategy differently, a “mutually agreed upon" hybrid solution results that is inefficient, misses the target non-integrated-or worse- objectives entirely. FINANCE C-SUITE WASTE&INEFFICIENCY TARGET OBJECTIVES SALES BUSINESS UNIT A SALES BUSINESS UNIT B MARKETING CORPORATE SPENDING IT Uncovering misalignment Business Architecture reveals where PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT organizational investment is not well aligned to the strategies and goals of the company. WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION Business Architecture aligns the organization Business Architecture serves to properly align the organization. Business Architecture reveals how an organization is structured and can clearly demonstrate how elements such as capabilities, processes, organization and information fit together. VISION & STRATEGY Lingua franca: facilitating change through a common language We deliver a reusable set of assets in a commonly understood language – that enables your company to quickly assess and make strategic or operational changes. ALIGNED DEPARTMENTS/ BUSINESS UNITS TARGET OBJECTIVES Delivering business transformation We ensure successful strategy translation by enabling your company to visualize the end-state of its business strategy before the plan is implemented. Our Business Architecture approach delivers: Focused and aligned strategy Improved decision making Increased operational efficiency and capacity for growth Agility in your business and IT execution How can Business Architecture be used? How value is derived through Business Architecture Any business -from an entrepreneur to the largest corporation-can benefit from Business Architecture. Here are a few examples of how we have helped organizations to apply Business Architecture: Start a new Company Define a new market Define a new product offering in the marketplace v Restructure a business unit V Drive legacy modernization Reinvent what and who a company is Integrate people, processes, capabilities, technology and culture during M&A Transform a Fortune 50 enterprise around customer experience Make a decision that dra ally reshapes a federal program v Solve social problems holistically When is a good time to engage in Business Architecture? Engage Business Architecture at the beginning of a corporate initiative If your organization has not applied Business Architecture before, select an appropriate effort to pilot the approach to help build an understand of how it applies to your organization and foster buy-in. Our Business Architecture Practice offers the following services available to meet your specific Business Architecture needs: Business Transformation Enablement New Business / Product / Market Support Large-scale Technology Implementation Support v Compliance Management Support Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Support Engage us to help start your own Business Architecture practice Let us help you start your new Business Architecture practice, from defining your value proposition to standing up all the necessary components of your internal practice. We offer training and mentoring to develop your staff into BA highly trained business architects. We provide the following services to leverage, create, or enhance your own Business Architecture Practice: Practice Evaluation and Strategy V Practice Structure and Role Development v Architecture Change Management and Communication V Enterprise Model Building v Standards and Methods Development V Governance Processes v Practice Metrics and Evaluation Tool Assessment and Alignment Training and Mentoring V Business Architecture Community Support Where can I learn more about Business Architecture? Contact us today Talk to us today to learn how STA Group's Business Architecture Practice can work for you. [email protected] STA GROUP 312-768-7424 Infographic design: Communique CO

Business Architecture

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Strategic and operational disconnects commonly exist in today’s business environment. Business Architecture serves to properly align the organization. Business Architecture reveals how an organizati...


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