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Building Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems

BUILDING SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION ECOSYSTEMS CogniStreamer CogniStreamer® Mobile · Smart Phone sized browser Submit ideas - submit votes - submit comments track Twitter accounts - click on links get alerts Draw users in... facebook LinkedIn Twitter E-mail SharePoint LDAP Open Innovation Dashboards communicate where users live Expert Identification Advanced Search Erueled News Feed Team Management Excellent Security Permission Control Information Sharing Collective Intelligence Knowledge Management Corporate Collaboration Encourages User Adoption Organizational Engagement Persuasive Guidance (click here!) Social science monitoring of user activity Groups with common areas of interest Most Popular ldeas or Discussions or Inspiration Encourages organic growth through network tools Serendipitous discovery of like minded users, teams, groups Expert Suggestion by.- by..- Contribution Ranking CogniStreamer Semantics • Semantics reads content & identifies objects, to determine relevancy • Gardening of innovation objects Search source identification • Search Google & Merge • Tagging by users or semantics • Users can note “Passions" & notified • Activity Monitoring "Inspiration" for ideas, videos, images, white papers, spreadsheets, Track Active Users' Participation Track Active Users' Reputation Observe users behaviors & identify experts • Suggest experts using synergies • Sophisticated Similarity Search & Suggestion Assign a Flexible Point Values Track Contributions events, RSS feeds, web links, discussions Rank Contributors Publish Results SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE NETWORK MANAGEMENT IDEA MANAGEMENT IDEA MANAGEMENT : INNOVATION MANAGER TOOLS Collaborative filtering Monitor the performance of campaigns Spotlight Ideas Strategic Guidance Unlimited number of Challenges and/or Campaigns Enhance and enrich the best ideas Adjustable Automatic Idea Promotion based on Social Science Algorithms Manageable Campaign Workflow Selectable Promotion Types Sophisticated Similarity Search fueled by Semantics Idea Clustering & Idea Merging Manually idea promotion Change the publication point Incremental Innovation Breakthrough or Radical Innovation Collective Intelligence Scored & Ranked Idea Lists Most Popular Ideas & Most Recent Ideas Team Ideas Track Multiple Inventors Manageable Work Flow Open Innovation for Customers or Stakeholders Easily manage security and access Comment Promotion Unlimited Number of Campaigns ThistleTube™ Technology Downstream Analysis Tools Feasibility Studies Feasibility (3) Campaign Measurement & strengths capitalize weaknesses eliminate add add Monitoring Competitive Advantage (3) Cost-benefits (2) * Social science monitoring tools to manage “Seeds" (Campaigns or Challenges). avoid add exploit add threats opportunities Strategic Fit (3) Commercial Potential (3) How can wesiny the Cog merepeeet OHow can aa Cogit e gr * Monitoring of Seed OHc prvehe ty mege Cognitreaner idea Bo * Collaborative SWOT discussion to enrich * Scoring and Ranking. * Spider graph. * Personalized Measurements & KPIs. * Collaborative expert reviewing and feasibility studies. * Personalized Perspectives Assessed. * Market Analysis. * Cost Justification. * Strategic Fit. * Financial ROI. domain (incremental vs. breakthrough). * Monitoring of Seed Load and Balance (how many campaigns in early, middle, late stages; how many users involved with each campaign). * Suggestions for faltering Seeds (redeploy, modify audience demographics, etc.) concepts. * Expert Analysis. * Assess Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. * Solutions to negatives. * Scoring and Ranking at SWOT level.

Building Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems

shared by CogniStreamer on Jun 14
This infographic illustrates the process of how CogniStreamer helps you to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem in your organization.


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