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Building a new energy economy

open energi Building a new energy economy BLACKOUT li lili il il lilili We all know a peak in electricity But a surge in electricity supply can be equally problematic. demand could cause a blackout... This is because electricity can't be stored, so it must be balanced in real time. coal gas li lili il il lilili L il lilili e Peak demand is currently met by firing reserve power plants in short bursts. li li li li li li li li li Aº Supply surges can be solved by decreasing production or paying wind farms to switch off. The old energy economy is expensive, insecure and dirty. There's an affordable, secure and clean alternative. Dynamic Demand harnesses energy-intensive equipment and adjusts electricity demand to meet supply. In return, businesses could generate revenue equivalent to 5-10% of their energy bill with no impact on productivity. In peak demand... In a supply surge... While a million people might switch on their kettles, others may not need At times when lots of energy is being captured, it can be used to power electricity at that moment. things that aren't time sensitive. Dynamic Demand li li li il il lilili Lil ilili A ...........* Supermarket A supermarket's fridges could automatically divert electricity back to the grid for those few minutes, with no impact on temperature. A water company's pumps could automatically switch on and use this coal gas excess energy Instead of wasting energy we can't store, it's used now for something The system is balanced between those demanding energy and those who can spare it momentarily. that would otherwise demand energy later. Reserve power plants are no longer needed and energy storage is provided by existing equipment. Businesses make money from their cost base. Our energy future is more secure. The UK reduces its carbon footprint. This technology can be used across a wide range of sectors. Hospitals Universities Retail Mining O 0 0 0 O O00 0 O O Water utilities Metal foundries Aggregates Food & drink Dynamic Demand means a cheaper, more reliable and cleaner energy future and a £1 billion prize for businesses. Get in touch to find out how your business could benefit. ce •...... XXXXX XXXXX 3.

Building a new energy economy

shared by Openenergi on Dec 02
Demand Response can transform how we use and deliver energy and help build a new energy economy. This infographic explains how Open Energi's unique Dynamic Demand solution is helping businesses to tur...


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