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Building Leadership Skills from the Ground Up

BUILDING LEADERSHIP SKILLS FROM THE GROUND UP 4 TRAITS Describe the type of leader you are today and aspire to become in 4 words These 4 traits-or comerstones- are the core of what you stand for as a person FILL IN YOUR FOUNDATION Choose 15-20additional words that describe your personal and leadership skills. Lay these words across your foundation. Let them settle in and stay committed to them. MASTERING YOUR PERSONAL anda leader. CORNERSTONES what Are Your 4 Comerstones? TEST YOUR WORDS ALIGN YOURSELF with likeminded people, those who have smilarfoundations and core values with you, to help you make decisions along the way and grow as a leader Ask family, friends colleagues and employees to select three to four words to describe you as a person andas a leader. ch were the most common words to describe you? Do theirwords match your comerstone and foundation words? CARBER If you didn't hold the title of founder in your company, would your employees view you as a leader? If vendors, partners and clients had to choose one to FIVE AREAS OF LEADERSHIP two people in your company as the leaders, whom would they choose and why? The words you chose for your cornerstones and foundatlon play a critical role In developing your leadership skills In the following five areas of your "house". Answer these questions honestly. What kind of role do you play in each of these areas? Are you a leader In some areas but not others? COMMUNITY Where do you want to focus your efforts on Are you a leader in your community? Do you commit your time, energy and resources to making the community a better place to live for the people around you? strengthening your leadership position? RELIGION YOU Do you believe in yourself? Are you committed to being the type of leader that you would follow? Ifreligion is a central part of your life, are you being a leader in your house of worship? Do you practice what you preach? FAMILY AND FRIENDS How do they view you? In moments of crisis do they tun to you for guidance and advice? OPEN forum GREAT LEADERSHIP IS BUILT BRICK BY BRICK OVER MANY YEARS WITH EACH DECISION AND EVERY MISTAKE YOU MAKE Text by Brian Monan Designed by Marcelo Guidoli Done correctly, great leadership stands on a rock solid foundation

Building Leadership Skills from the Ground Up

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How do you become a great leader? By creating a strong foundation from which you can direct your career ... and your life.


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