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Build Your Personal Brand in 9 Min a Day!

DITCH DARE DO DITCHDARED O BUILD YOUR BRAND–IN 9 MINUTES A DAY! William Arrudapeb Dib CONFUCIUS SAID "If you chase two rabbits, WHY 9 MINUTES? SO, WHAT ABOUT 9? you catch none." In Chinese, 9 is a homonym for "everlasting" -something we all want for our COMPLETE FOCUS IS CRITICAL SCIENTISTS AND EDUCATORS AGREE THAT 10 MINUTES IS ABOUT THE MAXIMUM TIME WE CAN FOCUS ON ONE TASK career 9 is empowering You can find 9 minutes BUT 10 STILL SEEMS LIKE A BIG NUMBER – A LOT OF TIME FOR A BUSY EXEC TO COMMIT You can do a LOT in 9 minutes 9 minutes every work day amounts to 45 minutes each week-focused on the Brand Called YOU KNOW SHOW WHAT TO DO IN 9 MINUTES? 12 GROW 10 KNOW SHOW GROW UNCOVER YOUR BRAND. TELL YOUR STORY. SHOW YOUR VALUE. DON'T BE THE WORLD'S BEST-KEPT SECRET. Discover what makes you, YOU. Create your brand communications. Expand your network, visibility and influence. 9 KNOW YOUR BRAND 9 SHOW YOUR BRAND 9 GROW YOUR BRAND 1. Take the quiz-How Strong Is Your Brand? 1. Identify 1 person in your professional LinkedIn groups and reach out to him or her 1. Write your 3D-Brand-BioTM 2. Uncover your top 5 values- define these operating principles 2. Then transform your 3D-Brand-BioTM into a Linkedln Summary 2. Become known for good branding manners-Consistently recommend, congratulate, and thank your connections 3. Discover your brand color- 3. Document your top 3 passions- indicate how you'll bring them to work 4. Ask for feedback, 4. Uncover your top 5 strengths- use StrengthsFinder 2.0TM recommendations, endorsements and testimonials 3. Build credibility: request recommendations from your networks 5. Invite a colleague to lunch- focus the conversation on your colleague's goals and ask how you can help 4. Lead a forum or group 5. Document 5 things that differentiate you-stand out from others who do what you do 5. Write a blog or comment on one 6. Review your career goals-sort into short-, mid- and long-term 6. Build your home on the web with tools like, or 6. Reconnect with a former manager, colleague or client 7. Do some sleuthing in LinkedIn- learn about your clients, partners and competitors 7. Write and practice your So what? Make me care!TM elevator pitch 7. Update your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter status 8. Recap and record what you did in your previous four days 8. Join a professional group on LinkedIn, introduce yourself and post often 8. Understand what others think about you-use 360ReachTM Survey [] 9. Show your impact with a suite of STARS-StoriesTM, Create 1 in just 5 days with these 9-minutes-a-day 9. Write your personal brand statement in just 5 days with these 9-minutes-a-day activities: 9. Create and publish a 1-minute video in just 5 days with these 9-minutes-a-day activities: Day 1: Write a draft of what yoU want to say activities: Day 1. Start with an attention- grabbing ROI headline Day 2. Iell of the challenges you faced and the action plan you made Day 3. Anchor your value with a recap of actions taken to meet those challenges Day 4. Roundup the immediate and sustained results (your accomplishments) Day 5. Slam your value home with the long-term strategic impact your results delivered Day 1. Describe who you are Day 2. Articulate what you offer Day 3. Identify what makes yoU exceptional Day 4. Show why you're valuable Day 5. Reduce it all to one sentence Day 2: Get feedback; then refine and finalize your script Day 3: Rehearse your script Day 4: Record your 1-minute video Day 5: Upload it to YouTube and promote it Some of these activities will take longer than 9 minutes. Break them into 9-minute chunks. Some of these activities will take longer than 9 minutes. Break them into 9-minute chunks. Some of these activities will take longer than 9 minutes. Break them into 9-minute chunks. MAXIMIZE YOUR 9 MINUTES WAYS 1. MAKE IT A HABIT Once it's like brushing your teeth, you'll be solidly on the path to success! SET A SPECIFIC TIME OF THE DAY USE CALENDAR INVITES AND SET IPHONE REMINDERS BUILD A MONTHLY CALENDAR OF ACTIONS. PUT THEM IN YOUR DO-LIST 2. FOCUS Make it easy to maintain focus for 9 minutes! 9. CLOSE YOUR DOOR OR LOCK YOURSELF IN A QUIET AREA SET YOUR IPHONE ALARM OR COMPUTER ALARM FOR 9 MINUTES USE APPS LIKE BANG BOOM BUZZER AS YOUR TIMER 3. 99 ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS Don't let the Sounds of life break your concentration! SILENCE YOUR PHONE TURN OFF INSTANT MESSAGING TURN OFF EMAIL CHIMES 4. TAKE IT OUTSIDE OF WORK Lots of activities you do outside of work are great brand builders! CHARITY WORK/GIVING BACK PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 5. DON'T COMPETE WITH OTHER WORK Choose non-traditional work periods throughout the day! DURING YOUR LUNCH BREAK WHILE COMMUTING WHILE YOU'RE DRINKING YOUR MORNING TEA OR COFFEE 9. 6. • SET PRIORITIES Don't let your ambitious goals paralyze you! MAKE A COMPLETE LIST OF ACTIVITIES 9. ASSIGN EACH A PRIORITY FOCUS ON EACH DAY'S PRIORITY #1 7. INVOLVE OTHERS It's easier to accomplish things when you are accountable to someone else! ESTABLISH A 9-MINUTES-A-DAY BUDDY COACHING ROUTINE WITH A FRIEND OR COLLEAGUE CHALLENGE YOUR TEAM TO ADOPT THE 9-MINUTES-A-DAY MINDSET SPONSOR AN ORGANIZATION-WIDE 9-MINUTES-A-DAY INITIATIVE 8. 9. • LINK IT TO WORK Building your brand is valuable to your company! PUT PERSONAL BRAND-BUILDING IN YOUR COMPANY'S PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES IDENTIFY ACTIVITIES THAT BUILD YOUR BRAND AND YOUR COMPANY'S BRAND ASK YOUR MANAGER WHICH ACTIVITIES WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOUR CAREER 9. MAKE IT PUBLIC Involve the world in what you're doing! BLOG, TWEET AND UPDATE YOUR LINKEDIN STATUS WITH THE ACTIONS YOU TAKE TELL YOUR COACH, MENTOR AND COLLEAGUES WHAT YOU'RE DOING JOIN THE LINKEDIN 9-MINUTES-A-DAY GROUP AND SHARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Build Your Personal Brand in 9 Min a Day!

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It takes only 9 minutes a day to build your brand and advance your career so you can stand out and increase your success and happiness.


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