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Build a Website as Awesome as Your Business

How to BUILD a Website That's as Awesome as Your Business wW. .Com Your Website = Your Company Is this site for real? Can I trust it? 1st Impressions Count What are your visitors thinking? Is this company legit? Am I welcome here? Am I even in the right place? "A user's first impressions of a website can determine whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization." -- Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor, Missouri S&T 0.2 The time it takes for a web visitor to form a first impression seconds You know your business is awesome. But does your target audience know how awesome you are? Do they even know who you are? Does your website give the right impression? Design Website, Just Sayin Here's how awesome websites are created: Process Discovery and Strategy ..& Here's how “un-awesome“ websites are created: A few peeps get together and agree that it's time to redesign the company website. "No problem, we can do this." "Yeah, I know a guy who knows a real computer nerd. He can do the programming." "Great, and I was somewhat involved in a website redesign for my last company so I can manage the details. "Super! So looks like all we need now is to hire a designer and lucky for us, my daughter's boyfriend's brother has been working as a designer for two years!" "Perfect. Looks like we're ready to go!" Peanut Gallery E1? @$! Top5 Website Design Mistakes Poor Navigation No clear navigation Bad design Weak content Too much clutter! 1. A clear purpose 2. Call to actions and engagement goals 3. A Content Management System (CMS) 4. White space (please, kill the clutter) 5. Informative, useful, persuasive content... 9. Mobile Friendly 10. Cross-browser compatible 11. Compelling offers 12. Landing pages 16 Website 13. Lead conversion forms Must-Haves 6. ...and lots of different types of content 14. Clarity over cleverness 7. Search engine optimization 8. Clear navigation system 15. A blog, of course! 16. Social sharing tools And let's not forget... Amazing, Modern, Beautiful, AWESOME DESIGN "...the visual design may be the first test of a site's credibility. If it fails on this criterion, Web users are likely to abandon the site and seek other sources of information and services." Stanford University and Consumer Web Watch Study Awesome websites rock! But more importantly they increase revenue so you can buy more AWESOME stuff...or throw a crazy awesome holiday party and hand out ridiculous bonuses....(ok, im going too far here, but add something cute) Go get yourself one. imageworks Infographic by Get a quote for a web site or brand rejuvination CREATIVE Website Developmen

Build a Website as Awesome as Your Business

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Your business is unique. This infographic will help you to create a custom website that draws attention to your company's best qualities while setting you apart from the competition.


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