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Buckle Up! The Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

BUCKLE UP! THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SMS MARKETING WHAT IS SMS MARKETING? SMS marketing, also known as text marketing or text message marketing allows businesses and organizations to communicate coupons, promotions, and alerts via permission based, opt in text messages. MAXIMUM All text messages are limited to a max of 160 CHARACTERS. 160 IS SMS MARKETING INVASIVE? If done correctly, absolutely not. SMS marketing operates under the permission based marketing standard. All subscribers must give their expressed Never randomly upload phone numbers. Doing so consent before will result in a slew joining your list. of legal trouble. PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING WAIT, HOLD UP. WHAT IS AN SMS MARKETING KEYWORD? An SMS marketing keyword, or textword, is a word that is unique to your business or organization. Each keyword represents its own list. For example, if you own a summer hot dog stand, you might reserve SUMMERDOG. Summer Hot Dog If customers want to join your list, they would text SUMMERDOG to a designated shortcode. WHEN COMING UP WITH YOUR KEYWORD, KEEP THESE 4 TIPS IN MIND: 1 STAY Don't over Stay relevant. Stay away from special characters. Keep it to think, or try to be too clever. one word. WHAT IS AN AUTO REPLY? An auto reply is an automated text message sent back to a subscriber after they've texted your keyword to a particular shortcode. Auto replies confirm the subscription. It offers subscribers an incentive for joining, lets them know how often they'll be receiving messages, and how to opt out if they so choose. SOME BUSINESSES PURCHASE A SHORTCODE. Is this something you need? A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that is designated for commercial use and mass mobile communications. All SMS marketing messages must be sent through shortcodes to prevent legal implications to both the service provider and the business sending the text message. ***** | As a small business owner, you don't necessarily need your own shortcode. For a small cost, you can use the shortcode of your SMS marketing provider. HOW EXACTLY DO YOU GROW YOUR LIST? F GROW YOUR SMS MARKETING LIST BY PROMOTING AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER VIA THESE MARKETING CHANNELS: SIGN UP Word of Social Website Table Tents Business Cards Radio Mouth Media Signup Widgets 目 Newspaper Customer Blogs Email Print Materials Receipts Marketing In all promotional materials, include a description of your SMS marketing club, provide a resource for help, list your chosen frequency, and explain opt in instructions. THINK YOU'RE READY? HERE'S HOW TO SEND YOUR FIRST CAMPAIGN. Create an account with a top SMS marketing provider. 2) Set the desired frequency. 3 Pick irresistible Decide on opt in incentives. effective list promotion techniques. Provide value in your first message. 7 Create a sense of urgency. Include a clear call to action. HERE ARE SOME GREAT EXAMPLES: "Show this text for a $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more on Christmas gift cards this year! Deal expires 12/25/15" "Show this text for 50% off any entree with purchase of one at full price! Deal expires 8/24/15" "Show this text for $5 off the salad bar when you purchase a featured lunch special. Expires 9/12/15" HOW DO YOU MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS? WITH SMS MARKETING, YOU MUST DO 3 THINGS: TEST If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. You can test different offers, send times, or campaign frequency. Test different tactics to find the one that performs best for you. RESULT 89 MEASURE Testing is nothing if you're not measuring the results. REFINE After reviewing the results, make necessary changes. If you don't refine your campaigns based on measured results, you'll never get the most out of your efforts. TO BE SPECIFIC, HERE'S THE 3 THINGS YOU NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR KEEP AN EYE ON LIST GROWTH The main goal of SMS marketing is to grow your list. If you're receiving new subscribers daily, even weekly, then you're doing something right. TAKE NOTE OF OFFER REDEMPTION RATES $ To really make money with SMS marketing, you need your subscribers to redeem exclusive offers. DON'T FORGET TO TRACK YOUR CHURN RATE, OR NUMBER OF PEOPLE OPTING OUT If people are opting out of your SMS marketing list like wildfire, then something's wrong. HERE'S THE REAL BENEFITS OF SMS MARKETING Increase foot traffic Cultivate stronger customer relationships Increase sales Keep customers informed Reward loyal customers Instantly communicate with qualified subscribers DON'T BELIEVE US? CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING STATISTICS 1 NEW MESSAGE % 95% of text messages 70% of Americans would are read within the first 5 minutes. like to receive offers from their favorite businesses right on their cellphones. The average American looks at their mobile phone 150 TIMES per day. 22% of text messages The average redemption rate for a mobile coupon are forwarded on to friends and family. is 20%. ONE MORE THING, WHO EXACTLY USES SMS MARKETING? Churches Restaurants Online Stores Nightclubs Schools Salons Retail and Spas Establishments Retail Store Salon ... AND THAT'S JUST TO NAME A FEW! READY TO PARTNER UP WITH TOP SMS MARKETING PROVIDER, SLICKTEXT.COM? GIVE US A CALL TODAY AT 1.800.688.6290 TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE PLAN. .---------- ---

Buckle Up! The Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

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