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A Brief History of Ad Blocking, 1960-2016

SILVERLIGHT DIGI I AL ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF AD BLOCKING 1960 - 2016 Google play Today, almost 150 million people have downloaded ad-blocking software, according to a frequently cited report from PageFair and Adobe." - Adweek, 2015 BLOCK ANNOYING ADS! Adblock Plus Actock ABP OTM #TheNewTiVo BOLT can save you a full month of free time - perfect for more binge- watching! Binge-watch enabled. Mozilla's DO NOT TRACK feature protects Web users from being profiled by advertisers. TIVO's new Bolt can skip commercials entirely. The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY 60% skip commercials The Guardian, 2015) I CAN CHANGE PROGRAMS FROM ACROSS THE ROOM". ng eneing mecie e change hee ter drene Ne Wi, Neeer, Nfreln NOTHING BETWEEN YOU AND THE SET BUT SPACE! ZENITH h of uttun, the ntrl nit in yr hand Sendhi eeltren erf yeur Spece t ed channel ee 94 ECVER l c harper tha ever BC SW FM De tuse, t y gerier, le Zenith' four gh riday Speakers, mounted on e des ef yeur paure aen the m wih By the 1970's, mechanical preset buttons allowed drivers to not only change the radio station while safely watching the road, but it also gave listeners a quick solution to skipping ads. etet Space Command TVt lar yr em frm Teni' e Deerator Grp in Tradnianal Madernd Prinelal syle caleta burigh te yrt URNE ANDLLEN HOW ZINITN Robert Adler's "Space Command" popularizes the television remote control in the 1960's. TEMER EHEPATOP CHTWa M C 36S S . CED ப்ப்ப்ப்ட்

A Brief History of Ad Blocking, 1960-2016

shared by silverlightdigital on Mar 18
The history of ad blocking is a virtual time machine of America’s inventors and their entrepreneurial spirit. Ad blocking has been present due to modern thinkers and their technological advances and...


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