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The Brands That Insure Celebrity Body Parts

Hair $1.6 million Legs $1 billion Teeth $10 million Hands $16 million THE BRANDS THAT INSURE CELEBRITYBODY PARTS Celebrities often make the news for insuring their prized body parts – but often the premiums are being paid for PR benefit rather than protecting any from future loss of earnings. Joey Essex $1.6 million Troy Polamalu After simply announcing his O $1 million Joey Essex Oheade shoulders intention to insure his hair, The anti-dandruff shampo0 reality TV star Joey Essex- insured NFL star Troy and his line of hair products Polamalu's hair in 2011. - received plenty of media attention. Sebastian Michaelis Gennaro Peliccia O $1.6 million COSTA $16 million Sebastian Michaelis' taste Tetley Gennaro Pelliccia was worth COFFEE £10 million to his employers buds were insured in 2014, bagging plenty of publicity for his employer. Costa Coffee - or his insured tongue was anyway. John Harrison * Angela Mount O $10 million CO $1 million John Harrison can Dreyer's Somerfield In 2003 wine sales increased by 19% at continue his role as taste tester (and giving interviews to the press) in confidence after insuring his tongue. Somerfields after wine buyer Angela Mount's taste buds were insured. John Schnatter $16 million PIZZA Founder and CEO of Papa PAPA JOHNS John's John Schnatter Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. recently insured his hands- no doubt because he's still personally topping his pizzas by hand. Fernando Alonso O $11 million In 2010 two-time Formula S Santander One champion Fernando Alonso had his thumbs insured by Spanish bank Santander. America Ferrera O $10 million Aquafresh made headline Aquafresh writers' dreams come true in 2007 when they insured the smile of 'Ugly Betty' America Ferrera to promote its teeth whitening products. Tina Turner Jamie Lee Curtis O $3.2 million O$1 million As an ambassador for Hanes As a spokesperson for hosiery brand L'eggs, Jamie Lee Curtis had her legs American brand Hane's line of hosiery Tina Turner had her legs insured in 1996. insured in 1996. Heidi Klum Mariah Carey O $2.2 million O $1 billion While promoting a line of epilators from razor brand Rihanna Braun in 2004, Heidi Klum's BRHUO Gillette O $1 million legs were insured - a scar on her left leg meant it was valued at $200k less than her right. In 2006 Gillette Venus named Mariah Carey their first "Celebrity Legs of a Goddess" and reportedly insured her legs for $1 billion. How do you top a $1 billion pair of legs? You can't - Gillette's second "Celebrity Legs of a Goddess", Rihanna, had her legs insured for the paltry sum of $1 million. Sources ♡ MyBreast

The Brands That Insure Celebrity Body Parts

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Take a look at the brands that have got publicity by insuring body parts - from Gilette and Aquafresh to Tetley Tea and Papa John's, brands have insured tastebuds, legs and even thumbs to get coverage.




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