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Brands With Different Names Around The World

HUNGRY JACK'S BURGER KING BRANDS WITH DIFFERENT NAMES AROUND THE WORLD Flash Meister proper Limpin Meister proper Mastro Lindo "Clean The brand name "Mr. Clean" is owned by Procter & Gamble and is usually simply translated into the language of the country it is on sale in, apart from in the UK, where it is sold as Flash due to a previously existing company with the same brand name. WALKERS Lays Sabritas Margarita Chipsy SMITHS Lay's crisps, owned by PepsiCo, have several different names worldwide, but are generally recognisable by their underlying logo. In Australia the Smith's brand was acquired by Lay's but the original name was retained. Often the same flavours have different coloured packaging, adding to the confusion. For example a salt and vinegar packet in the UK is green, whilst it is blue in the US. WALL'S LANGNESE GOOD HUMOR HB' OLÁ TÍO RICO FRIGO LUSSO SELECTA BRESLER OLÁ KIBON The Heartbrand subsidiary of Unilever uses much the same logo worldwide but has different brand names for the same products in different countries! For a Kwality Walls you'll have to head for Asia, Breslers can be bought in Bolivia and in Ireland the ice cream is simply known as HB. LYNX LYNX LYNX LYNX AXE Unilever launched the Axe brand in France, but were unable to use this name in some locations due to problems with trademarks and so launched under the name Lynx in these countries. Kellogg's CHOCO KŘISPIES COCOA KRISPIES COCO POPS Kellogg's CHOCO POPS Kelloggis COCO POPS CHOCO KRISPIES CHOCO KRISPIES Kellogg's CHOCO KRISPIS 母 CHOCO KŘISPIES Kllegg's COCO POPS Kellogg's COCO POPS Kellogg's CHOCO KRISPIS Kellogg's CHOCO KRISPIS This Kellogg's breakfast cereal goes under a different guise depending on what part of the world you are in and has different mascots to match! Cocoa Krispies have the trio Snap, Crackle and Pop, Coco Pops and Choco Pops share Coco the monkey and Choco Krispis have Melvin the elephant as a mascot. BURGER KING HUNGRY JACK'S KFC PFK The famous fast food brand began in the States and spread worldwide. However, it had to choose a different Kentucky Fried Chicken takes on a different name in Canada's French speaking region of Quebec. The region's strict naming laws dictate name Down Under due to an existing company using the name Burger King. The Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, was given a list of possible names to choose from which BK had that the restaurant must take the French initials of PFK, standing for Poulet Frit Kentucky. under existing trademarks and Hungry Jack's was born! Dr.Oetker cameo DANONE DANNON The Dr. Oetker brand name is Founded in Spain and named after synonymous all over the world.almost. The name changed to Cammeo in Italy to sound more Italian and easier on the ear, the son of founder Isaac Carasso, Danone changed its name in the US in order to sound more American, as many people were mispronouncing the brand as "Dan before dropping an 'm' to become Cameo. One". Coca-Cola Coke light Diet OLAY OLAZ Originally under the guise of three separate names, Oil of Ulay, Oil of Ulan and Oil of Olaz depending upon where in the world you were, the name today has been chopped and changed to simply Olay, or Olaz if you reside in a predominantly German speaking country. In some countries the term "diet" is not used to describe food and drinks that are low in calories. In these countries the name Coca Cola Light is used. According to Coca Cola, the blend of sweeteners used in the products is formulated according to the preferences of that consumer base. TJ-max Tkmax big labels. small prices. The department store T.J. Maxx was founded in the US by Bernard Cammarata and changed the General Motors assumed control of Vauxhall and Opel in 1925 and 1931 respectively. Although the name of the brand when it cars manufactured are a crossed the Atlantic in order to prevent confusion with the already established TJ Hughes retail consistent range across Europe, the Vauxhall brand is only sold in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of chain. Man. ANACIN Anadin DIGIORNO DELISSIO If you've got a headache in the UK it's time to reach for those Anadin, The US frozen pizza brand acts under the subtly faux-Italian name but you won't have much luck if you're in America, as they go by Delissio over in Canada. the name Anacin over there! Dove Galaxy Vasenol. Vaseline In most countries around the world asking for a Dove bar would give you some tasty chocolate, but in India, Egypt and the UK you're going to have to ask for a Galaxy to enjoy the same treat! The petroleum jelly that helps cure our dry lips and cut knees, among other uses, takes the name Vasenol in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, with vaseline referring only to the generic product rather than the brand. The chocolate bar called 3 Musketeers is identical to MilkyWay |+ Mskeleers that known as Milky Way across the pond in the UK. However, just to confuse things, the States also have a bar called Milky Way - this is what you would expect if you opened a Mars Bar in the UK! Mars )++ Milky Way Budureiser + Crechvotr The competing Budweiser brands from the US and Condvar Czech Republic have been locked in legal disputes over naming rights in countries all over the world. As such, in the majority of Europe Budweiser (US) is named Bud and in the US and Canada Budweiser (Czech) is called Czechvar. Budweise Bud KING OF BEERS Sources: JUST THE FLIGHT (*)

Brands With Different Names Around The World

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Find out the brands that have alter egos depending on where in the world you are with this infographic from Just The Flight!


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