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Brand Loyalty

KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY WITH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION COuch & associates Inc. YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS ARE THE MOST VALUABLE TO YOUR BUSINESS NITED STEATUS OFASIES . 12 Most marketers find that the biggest challenge is creating an L 111809160 emotional and rewarding connection with their customers. They L1118. often find that establishing brand loyalty means that they need to go the extra mile in order to set their brand apart, and to keep their customers happy. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN * IS EXPOSED TO OVER* 3000 MARKETING MESSAGES ON A DAILY BASIS OF CUSTOMERS FEEL OVERWHELMED 65% WITH TOO MANY MARKETING MESSAGES 70% * OF CONSUMERS PREFERGETTING TOKNOWACOMPANY 40% VIA ARTICLES RATHER THAN ADS OF CUSTOMERS WANT BETTER INTERACTIONS WITH COMPANIES DID YOU KNOW? CONTENT MARKETING NOW MAKES UP FOR "Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves." A QUARTER OF 88% THE AVERAGE MARKETING BUDGET OF BUSINESSLEADERS - Steve Jobs, Apple $$ KNOW THEY NEED TO GET CLOSER TO THE CUSTOMER COMPANIES FOCUS EVEN THOUGH IT CAN COST ON ACQUISITION MORE THAN CUSTOMER 7X MORE RETENTION : TO ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS ONCE YOU HAVE THEM, DON'T LOSE THEM! Getting a customer to show loyalty to your company is a long and hard process. If they feel as though they're not being benefited, they'll leave. The best way to make sure that they stick around is to build more personalized relationships, and to make sure you're communicating with them in the way that they want. MORE THAN 60% 40% OF CONSUMERS AREINFLUENCED BY OTHER CONSUMERS' COMMENTS OF CUSTOMERS FEEL DISSATISFIED ABOUT BY THE WAY COMPANIES ORGANIZATIONS COMMUNICATE WITH THEM POST-SALE OF LOYALTY PROGRAM MEMBERS 85% NEVER HEARA SINGLE WORD FROM THEIR LOYALTY PROGRAMS AFTER THEY SIGN UP ONLY 13% OF CUSTOMERS FELT THAT THE COMMUNICATION THEY RECEIVED FROM BUSINESSES WERE EASY TO UNDERSTAND 70% in OF QUESTIONS COMPANIES You Tube RECEIVE OVER ALL SOCIAL MEDIA GO UNANSWERED HERE'S HOW YOU KEEP THEM! Communication is the key. If you're showing your customers a personalized and beneficial relationship, they'll respond with loyalty. The better you learn to keep that relationship going, and keep communicating with them in the way they want, the more your long term goals will succeed. facebo nterest foursquare digy COMPANIES inked in GROWTH H CKER THAT BLOG GET You Tub- BLOG 55% 74% Roodyto MORE WEB TRAFFIC OF CUSTOMERS HAVE INTERACTED OF PEOPLE ARE WITH COMPANIES LOYAL TO A BRAND OVER SOCIAL MEDIA CUSTOMER SERVICE 72% BECAUSE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Excellent M Good 00D OF CONSUMERS SHOW LOYALTY BY SPREADING Average Poor THE WORD 78% 34 100 PEOPLE SAID THAT THE BEST WAY TO GET THEIR LOAYLTY WAS TO BE AVAILABLE FOR COMMUNICATION 24/7 OF COMPANIES DELIVERING EXCELLENT 81% CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ARE OUTPERFORMING THEIR COMPETITION SOURCES | w ww uch - as sociate COuch & associats inc.

Brand Loyalty

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Getting a customer to show loyalty is a long and difficult process. If they feel as though they're not being benefited, they'll leave. The best way to make sure that you customers stick around is to b...




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