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The Bold And Bizarre Interview Questions

Acing an interview is about as rare as finding the perfect employee-or spotting a unicorn-and all the more so when interviewers throw curveballs to catch you off guard. The following questions, asked by companies you probably have heard of, have disarmed many a wide-eyed interviewee. But this doesn't have to be you. We have provided some possible answers so that you can walk into an interview prepared for anything. Of course, we can't guarantee that our answers will 8 OFF-THE-WALL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND HOW TO ANSWER THEM help you land the job, but at least they should make your interviewer grin. **WARNING: These are real questions asked by real companies. If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out? COMPANY: GOLDMAN SACHS POSITION: ANALYST uELP! I would multiply and step on my clones to get out. would yell at the top of my lungs for someone to save me before the blender Pencils come in all shapes and sizes. Take, for example, a giant novelty pencil. In the case I was that large, I would tip the blender over. was turned on, making sure to emphasize that l'm neither a dangerous leprechaun nor a poisonous insect. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. COMPANY: CAPITAL ONE POSITION: OPERATIONS ANALYST 8. 9. 10 6. 8 9 10 It depends on the day. Yesterday I was an 8, today l'm down to a 2. It also depends on what standard of "normality" I'm Five is the only right answer. A truly weird person would answer with something completely unexpected. If I say “10" then I would come across as trying too hard to be weird. But if I say 1, then I would be trying too hard to be normal-no one is completely normal, and everyone is slightly weird. comparing myself against. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle? COMPANY: GOOGLE POSITION: PROJECT MANAGER Aş much as the market is willing to pay. As much as I need to charge in order to hire all the homeless people in Seattle to do all the work, but where I would still make enough to be able to finance a start-up for solving the unreasonable requests of local government. COMPANY: ARGUS INFORMATION AND ADVISORY SERVICES POSITION: ANALYST How many traffic lights are in Manhattan? 10. 000 1 I don't like estimating; I like concrete answers. I'd have to do Somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000, but the number is inconsequential. More importantly, what is the chance that you'll hit all green lights when driving from the Lower East Side to Greenwich Village? some research to find out the true number. COMPANY: GUARDSMARK What do wood and alcohol have in common? POSITION: STAFF WRITER My bed frame is made of wood. Both help me sleep. Both contain grain. I like both, so l'm not against the grain in either case. Why are manhole covers round? COMPANY: GOOGLE POSITION: SOFTWARE ENGINEER BEGINNING OF TIME END OF TIME They've always made them that way. Habits are hard to break. Because most road workers aren't squares. How many bottles of beer are drank in the city over the week? COMPANY: NIELSEN POSITION: RESEARCH ANALYST *DRINKING POPULATION I'm not sure, but the question is making me thirsty. Assuming everyone in the city drinks as much beer as me, then I would multiply the number of residents, 21 and over, by 10 beers. Design an evacuation plan for San Francisco. COMPANY: GOOGLE POSITION: PRODUCT MANAGER EVERYONE LIVES. YAY! SAN FRANCISCO DOCKED RESCUE BOATS ALCATRAZ |||| SOURCES: BUSINESS INSIDER, HUFFINGTON POST

The Bold And Bizarre Interview Questions

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Acing an interview is about as rare as finding the perfect employee – or spotting a unicorn – and all the more so when interviewers throw curveballs to catch you off your guard. The following ques...


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