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The blueprint for a hit campaign

The blueprint for a hit campaign Find the fixes for your marketing pain points You expect your next marketing campaign to be far-reaching, effective, and powerful. But in order to turn that dream into reality, you need to understand your team's pain points-and how to solve for them. Kick off and ideate with everyone However, 23% of creatives say 23% Every individual brings a unique their projects are briefed well. perspective to a campaign, so it's important to involve all team members from the start. Solution: A robust creative brief • Identify the key goals and metrics of the campaign- both high-level and granular. • Include relevant materials, research, and inspiration. Let creation happen seamlessly However, 20% of a worker's 20% day is spent searching for Consistency is key when there information or looking for are many creatives involved in colleagues who can help.? crafting the messaging and visuals for a campaign. Solution: A central location to manage and share files Label each file clearly with descriptors like title, version, and date. • Control who gets to view or edit files when multiple parties are involved. Make feedback and However, 44% of approval rounds count marketers say keeping track of feedback from (44% When your campaign involves input different channels or in from various parties, it can take a lot various formats is a top of communication to drive your pain point. project forward. Solution: A streamlined feedback process • Unify feedback with a solution that lets users comment directly in copy and design files. · Set clear expectations on who needs to review, what they should look for, and when it's due. Distribute with care However, 38% of brand and 38% agency executives believe they aren't effectively creating and Getting the right messages to the right audiences takes as much delivering timely content tailored skill and finesse as any part of to specific personas. the creative process. Solution: A defined strategy • Involve your distribution or PR team early to keep audience and channels in mind throughout the process. • Control who gets to view or edit files when multiple parties are involved. Measure for success However, 59% of marketers Wrapping up a campaign with key struggle most with collecting 59% learnings and insights is crucial to and centralizing data to measure driving better business results. marketing performance. Solution: Consolidated campaign visibility • Integrate your marketing tools so you can analyze your data in one place. · End with a team-wide debrief to report on the results and discuss what can be improved in future campaigns. The more you know about your team, the better positioned you'll be to help them create and collaborate. Take a deeper dive into the different types of marketing personas in our eBook, "Team up for marketing success." Souro: Dropbox Business "Cammunication Breakdown: How Marketers and Creatives Can Get Along" 201S. Vieusily The Social Economny: Unlecing Value and Productivity Through BSocial Technologies" 202, Meinsey Global instinte Marketing Design and Sales Archetyyos and Resporebiltien" 20 Dropbon User Reearch The Age of Brand Agency. & Customer Colaboration" 2015. Forbtes insights Seing the Forest for the Tree Unied Analytica for Modern Marketirg" 2016, IDG

The blueprint for a hit campaign

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How do you bring everyone together to produce great work, without getting bogged down in all the organization? Using insights from the Dropbox user research team, as well as secondary sources, we crea...


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