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Bloodthirsty Human Parasites. Don't Let Them Bite

KNOW THE FACTS! DONT LET THE BED BUGS BITE LOOK REDDISH BROWN 5 MM LONG 3MM WIDE 12 KNOWN SPECIES THEY LOVE YOUR BLOOD! LIFE CYCLE EGG 1MM ADULT BED BUG 5MM 1ST STAGE NYMPH 1.5MM STH STAGE NYMPH 4.5 MM 2ND STAGE NYMPH 2 MM TH STAGE NYMPH 3 MM 3RD STAGE NYMPH 2.5MM THERE ARE 6 LIFE STAGES SKIN IS MOULTED AT EACH STAGE A BLOOD FEED MUST BE TAKEN AT EACH STAGE INFESTATIONS! TRAVEL ANIMALS NEXT DOOR Nearby pets and animals can bring in Bed Bugs from other Increased international Although Bed Bugs can't fly they are prepared to crawl up to 100 feet, even from your neighbours. travel has made the suitcase the perfect host for Bed Bugs to travel to your home or infested homes or textiles (rag clothing). business. SYMPTOMS SKIN RASH ALLERGIC REACTION ANXIETY BED BUG FACTS BED BUGS CAN BITE ANYTIME OF DAY A popular misconception is that Bed Bugs only bite at night. Their most active period is between 10pm and 6 am, but this is because most people are asleep and in bed at this time. If you were to tuck up in your comfy bed during the day, the little critters would love to get their lunch. BED BUGS ARE ANCIENT HISTORY Bed Bugs have been mentioned in many antiquity books. Even Aristotle talked about them throughout his works in approximately 400 BC in Greece. They were also discussed in Pliny's Natural History, published Circa 77 AD. BROUGHT TO THE UK IN CLEANLINESS NOT A THE 1600'S FACTOR It is thought by some that Bed Bugs One of the many misconceptions about were brought into the UK on Bed Bugs is that they only affect wood imported from Germany. This homes which are dirty. This is not the was to repair the city following the case. All types of homes can be infested great fire of London. but reducing clutter can be helpful. MATE BY TRAUMATIC INSEMINATION IDENTIFICATION As the name suggests, the Bed Bug As well as experiencing bites and mating process is indeed traumatic. bed time itching you can identify a This is because the male pierces the Bed Bug infestation by dark fecal spots, abdomen of the female using his red blood marks or the exoskeletons hypodermic genitalia. that are shed throughout their life spans. MYTH BUSTING MYTHS FACTS Bed Bugs are only active at night. Bed Bugs can bite at anytime of day that food (that is us, yum yum) is available. Bed Bugs only live in beds. Bed Bugs love to live in suitcases, chairs, car seats or anywhere humans love to be. Not everyone reacts to Bed Bug bites and do not experience any itching or Everyone is affected by Bed Bugs. allergic symptoms. Bed Bugs are invisible. Bed Bugs can been seen with the naked eye (around the size of an apple seed), displaying a red-brown colour. You must throw out all affected This is not the case. Affected textiles items. and furniture can be washed and treated with special cleaning tools. We recommend contacting a pest control professional. Bed Bugs only exit in big cities. This is also not true. Bed Bugs will settle into any home that is warm and has plenty human blood available. Sources Infographic By Timorous Beastie O 2013

Bloodthirsty Human Parasites. Don't Let Them Bite

shared by dunlop1980 on Dec 19
Here is everything you need to know about bed bugs. How they live, how they eat and the myths about the little critters. This infographic is produced by Timorous Beastie, Pest Control Glasgow.


Alan Dunlop


Alan Dunlop


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