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INFOGRAPHIC BLAST OFF How to Launch your Infographic Marketing infographics can be a tricky business. Everyone wants their infographic to become astronomically successful. These ten top tips from Lean Labs help ensure your infographic is given a fantastic launch into cyberspace. STEP 1 GIVE IT A HOME Create a blog post or landing page detailing the problem that your infographic solves for the reader, or how it will change the world. Include title, keywords, meta data and image alt tags for SEO. It's important to include tweetables, embed code, and add a nice thumbnail for social sharing. STEP 2 TARGET INFLUENCERS Identify influencers you'd like to share your infographic. Study what they like and share. Not only should this be your target market, but also industry leaders and key market influencers. Follow them, retweet them, and generally be friendly. Build rapport with them to prepare them for "the ask." Don't be afraid to swing for the fence. @hubspot, @guykawasaki, and @virally all LOVE infographics. Maybe they'll share yours! STEP 3 SUBMIT A PRESS RELEASE Consider doing a press release for your infographic. Infographics are trending topics right now. If your infographic is trending and has the right market appeal, it may get picked up by hundreds of sites. Make your press release energetic and timely, like a "hot off the press" post. STEP 4 ASK FAVORS Remember your new friends from step 2? Go back to them with your published infographic and landing page and ask them to RT, share, pin, like, digg, reddit, and if possible, blog about your infographic. STEP 5 SHARE AT FULL THROTTLE! Reserve a full day just for promoting your infographic. Post it everywhere and be sure to include keywords, a link to your landing page, social urls, and the hashtag #infographic. Post it in relevant groups in Google Plus and Linked In. This should NOT be your first post in these groups. You should have already established yourself in these groups, otherwise you're spamming. Quick Tip: You can pay for stumbles at $0.10 per stumble to help get the party started. y f in 8+ P dig STEP 6 STEP 7 FEED THE PITCH ADDICTS BLOGGERS Market your infographic to infographic maniacs!, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, and the infographic | wębsites found here: Find blogs that have shared infographics in your same niche or vertical. Introduce yourself and offer them first crack at sharing your infographic. Tip: to find people that blog about an infographic, visit and click the camera icon to search by image. STEP 8 REPURPOSE Repurpose your infographic's main points into a collection of tweets that go out 2 to 3 times per day. Rerun them a few days or weeks later. Slice your infographic into screenshots for flickr and convert it to a slideshare. Naturally, link to your infographic's landing page. STEP 9 THANK EVERYONE THANK YOU Deliver a personal thank you to everyone that tweets, pins, shares, comments, embeds, and promotes your infographic. Follow them and ask for the follow back, and nurture those relationships. The next time you post, you'll have an army of supporters ready to promote you! STEP 10 MEASURE & LEARN Sadly, once an infographic goes viral, it's very hard to track it's exposure. But you can do the following: Locate shares without backlinks via and ask the poster to add your link as credit. Track clicks back to your site using a single link. Add a survey to the bottom of your page via Qualaroo or similar.Track follow through to your site via Google Analytics event tracking. Shhh!: We're beta testing a top secret tool that automates infographic monitoring across the web! 2 3 4 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 YES. YOU CAN SHARE THIS. Made by Lean Labs * LEAN LABS embed: link: --------

Blast Off

shared by LeanLabs on Nov 20
The Infographic Blast Off: 10 Tips to Launch Your Infographic into Cyber Space. Given that infographics are an awesome way to promote a company's expertise in specific nic...


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