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The Biggest IPOs of 2011

THE BIGGEST PLANNED IPOS OF 2011 GROUPON Collective Buying Power TIMELINE AUG. 2010 2010 NOV. 2008 2009 Groupon's total revenue for 2010 was $713 million, up 23x from 2009 Groupon is sold 10 millionth Groupon is launched Groupon has 212 merchants and 152,203 subscribers MAR. 2011 Groupon has 83.1 million subscribers and 7,107 employees NOV. 2010 Google tries to buy Groupon for $6 billion 7.7% GROUPON HAS RAISED $1.2 BILLION IN VENTURE FUNDING SERIES A: SERIES B: $6.8 million $30 million Andrew Mason owns (7.7%) 22,967,252 Class A shares SERIES C: $135 million 41.7% Andrew Mason also owns (41.7%) 499,992 Class B shares GROUPON'S SERIES D: $950 million $750 MILLION IPO =$348 MILLION THAT GROUPON HAS PAID FOR ITS ACQUISITIONS PANDORA 63% OF SHARES COME FROM SELLING STOCKHOLDERS 37% OF SHARES FROM PANDORA 24 PANDORA PRICED ITS IPO AT $16 PER SHARE ON JUNE 15, 2011 TIMELINE 2009 JAN. 2000 The Music Genome 2005 Pandora is launched 2008 Pandora app becomes one of the most consistently Pandora has 40 million downloaded apps at Apple's app store registered users Project begins 2010 Pandora now has 800 million tracks within 2009 Pandora has 700 million tracks in it's library 2010 Pandora is connected to 200 consumer electronics it's library and 75 million listeners zynga ZYNGA IS WORTH =$14.5 BILLION TIMELINE =$17 MILLION ZYNGA'S FREE JAN. 2007 Zynga launched $) APR. 2009 Zynga is #1 Facebook app developer with 40 million active users CASH FLOW PER MONTH AUG. 2009 Zynga's FarmVille is the first game on Facebook to reach 10 million active daily users 20% OF ZYNGA'S REVENUE COMES FROM ADVERTISING FEB. 2010 Zynga has 60 million 80% OF ZYNGA'S REVENUE COMES FROM ONLY 3% OF ITS USERS PAYING REAL MONEY FOR VIRTUAL GOODS active daily users ZYNGA'S REVENUE Linked in BIGGEST INTERNET IPO SINCE GOOGLE INC.'S DEBUT IN 2004 O PRICE OF LINKEDIN'S SHARES $100 - $80 LINKEDIN $60 - WAS WORTH $8.9 BILLION AT THE END $40 - OF THE DAY x4 MILLION $20- =LINKDIN'S 7.84 MILLION SHARES $0- Initial IPO Price Price at Opening on New York Stock Exchange Price at End of Day TIMELINE JAN. 2009 Linkedin has 40 2010 Linkedin 65 million members in 170 countries JUL. 2008 SEP. 2008 APR. 2004 Linkedin has half a million members with Linkedin MAY 2003 NY Times partners CNBC partners with Linkedin Linkedin is million members launched SOURCES: http://www. http://blog.pandora http://www. ory/pandora-med 109-million-ipo-2011-06-03?dist=afterbell of-linkedin/gkgetcb5gnal/16# PRICE PER SHARE

The Biggest IPOs of 2011

shared by aleks on Jul 12
In the first half of 2011, the buzz around new tech IPOs such as LinkedIn, Pandora, Groupon, and Zynga has been the top story on Wall Street. This infographic looks at the numbers behind the biggest t...


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