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Big Hairy Projects

BIG HAIRY PROJECTS How do savvy organizations capitalize on great ideas and deliver successful projects? INNOVATION, PROJECTS & Innovation is tough. Today's economic pressures make innovation more difficult. Fewer teams have access to a plentiful R&D budget, making RGD funds even more valuable. So, how do teams develop ideas and transform them into successful projects? It's frustrating to lose a great idea to unrealistic expectations or the dreaded scope monster. Savvy teams deliver successful projects through careful planning, management and collaboration. DEVELOPMENT CREATE YOUR OWN PROCESS. DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 40 THE PERCENTAGE OF ORGANIZATIONS USING A HYBRID PROCESS. aentpuri w t use a mix of procee There isn't a perfect process. Agile as a development movement has gone mainstream, but in practice most teams aren't following one prescriptive methodology Instead, they're using a blend of processes 3x THE GROWTH RATE OF TEAMS ADOPTING AGILE PROCESSES SINCE 2008. 2006 Each team is unique, ranging in size, location and project goals. So as a team evolves, so does the process 2011 3 3 BELIEVE IN PROCESS. OUCH. THE PERCENTAGE OF ORGANIZATIONS THAT DON'T A TAME THE SCOPE MONSTER. COLLABORATION IS KEY TO DEVELOPMENT TEAMS Development is hard, and it's not getting any easier. Teams are managing projects with hundreds -sometimes thousands- of requirements. To add to the complexity, requirements aren't static. Change control, clarity and consensus are key in taming the scope monster and taking control of projects. NUMBER OF REQUIREMENTS PER PROJECT EVERYONE IS IN SYNC ON THE LATEST VERSIONS (77) TIME SPENT MANAGING CHANGE Pa than 100 100 o 500 EVERYONE ON THE TEAM HAS ACCESS (76N TEAM MEMBERS CAN PARTICIPATE IN REVIEWS AND APPROVALS (75%) s.000 75%o more than 100 00000 (& LISTEN, PLAN, BUILD, TEST. RINSE & REPEAT. Breakthrough new products steal the headines, but most organizations focus on innovating existing products. Less risky incremental changes suit today's quick release schedules and keep customers happy GOALS OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS enhancing existing products o- PROJECTS DELVERED ON TIME AND ON BUDGET bringing new products to market reducing the cost of manutacturino exiting products other THE PERCENTAGE OF 40 ORGANIZATIONS FRUSTRATED h8 BY SCOPE CREEP THE PERCENTACE OF ORGANZATIONS FRUSTRATED BY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS. SUCCESS METRICS SOURCES OF NEW IDEAS customer satisfaction o- es quality assurance & salety ratings 523% revenue o 46 1 cost savings o speed to market versus comoestion In the end, it's all about the 25.3% customer. For the majority of teams customers are the most important metric of success and source of new ideas. The challenge Understanding what they realy want. UNDERSTANDING WHAT CUSTOMERS buzz (awards, news) 12.5% WANT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FOR Organizations in-sync with customers throughout the dev process take a valuable step toward building products they' love. other o 73 PERCENT OF TEAMS. STOP REFLECT WITH YOUR TEAM. When a project isn't successful, several causes usually cascade like dominos. To combat negative influencers, skilled people are vital. A great tool or process can't help without the collaboration and work of a strong team and project manager. Successful teams take advantage of falure and reflect, do a retrospective, and improve the process. TYPICAL CAUSES OF PROJECT FAILURE unealstie schedule or expectatione ed or poorly dened requirements METHOD USED TO DOCUMENT & COMMUNICATE SCOPE scope creep sunderstanding what oomen wat spreadhets or doouments communication and colaboration ues mal s with change management wuements magement s re ack of teting meetngs day ndup ack of eeuve support ruirement modeling vltion sohwa other whiboant y nl bog or w FOR SUCCESSFUL TEAMS COLLABORATION 61 THE PERCENTAGE OF ORGANIZATIONS WITH "REQUIREMENTS COLLABORATION IS THE KEY. & MANAGEMENT" ON THEIR WISH LISTS. In December 2010, Jama co-sponsored an industry survey of more than 800 participants about the challenges, trends & successes in requirements management today. For more information visit Designed by Emily at (ama

Big Hairy Projects

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This infographic provides step by step information on how organizations capitalize on great ideas to deliver successful projects. It shows that through process organization, collaboration, and custom...


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