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Is Big Data the New Big Brother?

KAPITALL presents IS BIG DATA THE NEW "BIG BROTHER'? Challenges of Big Data: WHAT IS BIG DATA? SHARE A collection of information so large and complex that it is difficult to process via traditional methods. Curating Storing Searching Sharing Analyzing Visualizing WHERE DOES DATA COME FROM? YOU. 1.8 zettabytes in 2011 By 2015, 68% of the world's data will be created by consumers 68% 48 hours In 2011, humans created 1.8 zettabytes of data, the equivalent of an HD movie 43 million years long (2] ITIIRINI of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (6] Ubrary of Congress 54к 1 Goog 1 billion searches are queried every second in pieces of content shared on Facebook's Open Graph daily (51 Google 171 x 10,000 I million Walmart The volume of data created by U.S. companies alone each year is enough to fill ten thousand Libraries of Congress (3] customer transactions are uploaded per hour into Walmart Databases [8] How can businesses use that data? • Transform decision-making • Discover new insights BB B8 88 88 BB 88 JOBS Optimize commerce • Innovate their industries Target marketing efforts (9) Still, managing all that information can 4.4 88 88 88 88 BB 88 88 88 million be problematic... Top analytical firms of the future will be distinguished by the quality of their algorithms [9] By 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs will be created globally to support big data, generating 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States alone (9] Consumer data has a +60% Effective data use can boost retail profit margins by more than 60% [10] big impact on retailers' bottom lines SHOP Poor data quality costs U.S. businesses $600 billion annually (1] SHOP $600,000,000,000 But who actually owns all that personal information? TOP CRET "Data brokers have developed hidden dossiers on almost every U.S. consumer...[which] raises a number of serious privacy concerns." - U.S. Congress (12] Over time, companies can create an intimate portrait of a person's familial and professional associations, political and religious beliefs, and even health status (13] A number of high-profile companies have faced legal action over this issue $22.5 milion $20 In 2012, Google paid a record $22.5 million fine to settle allegations that it broke a privacy promise by secretly tracking millions of Web surfers who use Apple's Safari browser [14] million In the same year, a lawsuit alleged that Facebook users' pictures were used to endorse products they had "liked" without their permission. Facebook settled the lawsuit for slightly more than $20 million [15] Google Inc. isn't admitting any wrongdoing in the settlement [14] PROS CONS Big data helps companies turn information into revenue (9] This multi-billion dollar industry is largely unregulated [12] Those earnings will accelerate growth in the global economy and create jobs [9] After consumers give their information away, they have no idea what companies do with it [12] These companies stand to profit off of your digital footprint KI Do you see an opportunity to profit off of them? Google facebook in Microsoft Walmart >* GOOGLE INC FACEBOOK INC LINKEDIN CORP MICROSOFT CORP WAL-MART INC AMAZON.COM INC COSTCO WHOLESALE COSTCO WHOLESALE CORP TARGET CORP EBAY INC (1) (2) you/ (3) (4) a/328491/where-does-big-data-come-look-mirror (5) billion-pieces-of-content-is-shared-via-open-graph-daily/ (6) (7) (8) (9) 10/22/gartner-says-big-data-creates-big-jobs-44-million-/ (10) gy_and_Innovation/Big_data_The_next_frontier_for_innovation (11) atistics-that-will-shock-you/ (12) (13) h ttp:// c=recg&adxnnlx=1357597576-EWtIHgKPL T aFTqgrnVXZXA (14) 12/0809/Google-pays-record-fine-to-settle-federal-suit (15) on-privacy-deal-for-facebooks-sponsored-stories/ (16) ct_Consumer_Privacy_or_Get_Burned?page%=D1&taxonomyld%3D3002 ©2013 Kapitall, Inc. Kapitall Wire is a division of Kapitall Inc. Content is intended for educational information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell sec urities or any other product or service provided by Kapitall Inc., and its affiliates companies. Brought to you by KAPITALL

Is Big Data the New Big Brother?

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Kapitall Presents: A guide to big data and business--who creates it, who uses it, and how it impacts our daily lives





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