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Big Changes in Business Communication

THE FIRST PHONE CALL 137 YEARS AGO - OH HOW WE'VE CHANGED RC RC On March 10, 1876 the first telephone call was made. Now, 137 years later, the way we communicate is at another inflection point. This is due to the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing and a new generation of mobile and digital workers. CHANGES AT HOME 69% 63% of people under 40 already use a mobile phone as their home phone. of people over 40 still have a home phone. 69% 61% of people over 40 still use the phone book to look up the numbers they don't know at of people under 40 report never using a phone book, in any home, in the office. or both. circumstance. The first phone book, issued in 1878, was 20 pages and instructed 5% of people have used a phone booth or a pay phone in the past year. users to "commence THE GENERATION GAP IS APPARENT the conversation by saying, 'Hulloa!"2 A NEW WORLD OF WORK MOBILITY IS ON THE RISE: 1 in 3 people use their mobile phones to make work calls. 50% of people under the age of 25 are using their mobile phones for work calls. GIG ECONOMY ON THE RISE: of Americans work contingently as free 30% agents, contractors, day laborers, consultants or are self-employed and this is expected to continue. NEW TRENDS IN THE WAYS WE COMMUNICATE FOR WORK OF THESE DEAL 79% 82% 200,000 text messages of adults use texting text more for business 32% stated that they closed a business deal were sent every second in 2012. today than they did a year ago. for business communications. via text. TEXTING IS ON THE RISE MOST EMPLOYERS AREN'T KEEPING UP 80% 11% of people say their employer has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy. of workers use some sort of personal technology for business. THERE'S A GREAT NEED FOR SIMPLIFICATION TODAY 50% 60% COMPANY of people would prefer of people have their email addresses to have one business number that would Joe Jack link to any device, instead of several. plus FOUR separate phone numbers on their business cards. OFFICE 903.555.B675 | 903.555.5309 PERSONAL 903.555.9986I B00.555.67 53 BIGGEST PHONE PET PEEVES #1 PEOPLE HATE WHEN YOU SCREEN CALLS 41% of people under 25 hate when you don't pick up the phone after you have just texted them. 32% of people hate when you always send their calls to voicemail. BUT THE FUTURE REMAINSAMYSTERY 64% of people think our communication patterns will continue to change over the next 100 years. Here's how: 30% 39% e ERG think we'll communicate think robots will act as in short grunts, texts personal assistants and do our communicating for us. and tweets. ? 25% 6% think we'll have one think we'll evolve into common world language. beings that can read each other's minds. RingCentral Ay in Sources: 1. Unless otherwise indicated, all data is from SurveyMonkey, an independent, survey firm, which conducted an online survey of 1,800 employed adults between the ages of 18 and 65. The survey was conducted on behalf of RingCentral in February 2013. 2. 3. Bureau of Labor Statistics 4. International Telecommunications Union 5. RingCentral Survey of 1,107 Participants in North America, December 2012 6. Trackvia Communications, Reimagined. Ringcentral. March 2013

Big Changes in Business Communication

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In honor of the 137th anniversary of the first telephone call RingCentral conducted a survey to determine how our collective phone habits have (and haven’t) changed over the years.




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