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Best Practice for HTML Email Design

O objective Strategy | Creative | Digital Best Practice> for HTML Email Design This useful guide will highlight a few tips and tricks on designing an engaging and successful HTML Email. 図 < Content > Key Message Be Brief Focus your email on one key Less content is more so message. If you have more to say, create a series of emails. ! ensure your messaging is brief and concise. Break Down Use Links It is important to divide Avoid filling your email your content into sections with information when you through bulleted lists and can use links to a new web headers. page instead. < Design Layout > 22 2 2 2 2 33333 4 44 44 55555 6 6 666 3333 4 4 444 5 5555 6 6666 777 77 88888 Did you know readers spend under 15 seconds 7 77 77 88888 9999 9 10 10101010 reading marketing emails which is very short! 11 11 11 11 11 12 1212 1212 13 13 13 13 13 14 1414 1414 15 1515 1515 9999 9 10 10101010 11 11 11 11 11 12 1212 1212 13 13 13 13 13 14 1414 1414 15 15 15 1515 It is important to prioritise your most important content from top to bottom whilst leaving plenty of white space to make your content stand out and appear more approachable. < Identity > < Colour > < fonts> Aa O objective Brand it up! You want your reader to identify you instantly so always place your logo at the top and bottom. Ensure you use colour wisely, as too much could distract your reader from the key messages in your email. A recommended font size ranges from 14pх - 16рх depending on how big your email is. Bigger fonts makes for a more legible read. Using your identity colours and fonts will reinforce your brand to stand out from the Differentiate the background colour of your header to your footer to make the main content pop out. Ensure that you use a web-safe font in your HTML code. "Georgia" is a good example. crowd. < Images > Avoid using too many images Ensure your images are web formatted, sized correctly and avoid stretching them. to maintain a small file size. MPORΤΑΝΤ! The majority of email programs will block image downloads by default. This means there is a chance your email could be marked as Spam and be deleted! Avoid this by allowing a ratio of approximately 80% HTML text to 20% images in your layout. < Call-to-Action > Make your call-to-actions big to stand out and emphasise. • Use sub-copy if necessary to give your reader context before they ' Use white space to make them рop and place theт in a prominent area in your email. • Use active language in your messaging to make people act. click on a button. DOWNLOAD NOW As an award winning digital marketing agency, our digital teams combine effective strategy, creative design and technical expertise. As the entire agency was formed ina digital age, we always consider the latest technologies, instinctively, and innovatively. O objective

Best Practice for HTML Email Design

shared by ObjectiveCreative on Oct 10
This useful guide will highlight a few tips and tricks on designing an engaging and successful HTML email.


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