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Best HelpDesk Software Compared

HelpDesk software comparison HelpDesk Brands Leaderboard best premium kayako happyfox best for phone support best för email tickets freshdesk best for integration and scalability zendesk best for social media outreach ZOHO Support PSupportBee best low cost Support Centre Statistics Freshdesk Freshdesk Zendesk Zendesk SupportBee SupportBee Zoho Support Zoho Support НаpрyFox НаpрyFox Kayako Кayako Unlimited Users Freshdesk Zendesk SupportBee Zoho Support Best НаpрyFox Кayako Template Responses Ticket Time Stamps Freshdesk Freshdesk Zendesk Zendesk SupportBee SupportBee Zoho Support Zoho Support НаpрyFox Kayako НаррyFox Kayako Reporting/Analytics freshdesk # 1 zendesk ZOHO Support kayako happyfox SupportBee Custom Reporting SupportBee Best freshdesk 2OHO Support zendesk kayako happyfox Advanced Time Tracking Bug Tracking Zendesk НаpрyFox Kayako - Freshdesk -SupportBee Zendesk Kayako + Best - НаррyFox Freshdesk SupportBee Zoho Support - Zoho Support Workflow Filters & Rules Ticket Filters Best zendesk freshdesk 2OHO Support SupportBee happyfox kayako Best Best Social Media Social Media Monitoring Responding . Freshdesk. . Zendesk. Best SupportBee . Zoho Support. .НаррyFox. .Каyako. Best. Phone Email Tickets Integrations Freshdesk Freshdesk Zendesk SupportBee Zoho Support/ НарруFох Kayako Best + Zendesk SupportBee Zoho Support НаррyFoxBest Kayako Self-Service Portal Live Chart Integrations Best Freshdesk o Zendesk o SupportBee o Zoho Support о НаpруFox o Kayako zendesk ofreshdesk 2OHO Support + P SupportBee happyfox kayako Best Trial Period jfreshdesk PSupportBee • 0 o o ooo O o o O O0 0 o O a 14 days 30 days ZOHO Support •.... ••..00ooo o оооооо оооо 14 days O 0 0 o o o00 o o 15 days zendesk kayako happyfox 30 days 30 days 30 days Payment Style Basic PER AGENT PER zendesk gfreshdesk 2OHO Support AGENT AGENT PER 30$ 29$ 29$ 29$ AGENT PER 19$ TICKET SupportBee happyfox 16$ VOLUME PER AGENT PER kayako AGENT month month month month month month month Top-Tier Annual Discount 149 $Imonth zendesk.....O ofreshdesk .O ZOHO Support .O PSupportBee.O happyfox...o kayako. 94 69 49 Where Small Business Meets Software + + + RA Zendesk Freshdesk SupportBee Zoho Support HappyFox Kayako + + + Kayako +++1+I+

Best HelpDesk Software Compared

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Good customer support is a cornerstone of any organization. Even for small businesses, customer support tickets can build up and tie up valuable time you could be spending elsewhere. Small teams have ...


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