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The Benefits of Strip Doors

BENEFITS OF STRIP DOORS Daily Cost Savings Per Opening An affordable, economical and safe solution Increases productivity DECREASES $4 Creates an overall safer environment Protects COSTS ENERGN workspace from pest invasions Provides PROTECTION to employees| & goods Divides rooms & reduces noise Provides environmental separation from weather & odor Daily Savings Calculation Scenario strip doors effectively block at least 65% of air passing through a doorway, resulting in greater energy savings. These calculations demonstrate the amount of energy a Daily Cost Per Opening $336.05 Amount Used (KWH) X $0.09 Cost Per KWH* = $30.24 DCPO company can save by installing a strip door in it's facility & replacing a garage door, sliding door, traditional hinged door, or no door. Cubic FT Per Minute (CFPM) 70 SQ FT X 440 FPM = 30800 Avg Wind Spd (AWS) 5 MPH X 88 Min = 440 FT Per Minute Door Size (FT) 7' W X10'H = 70 SQ FT Hourly BTU Loss 30800 CFPM X1.08' X 23 TD = 765072 Hourly BTU Loss (Hr BTU) BTU X 1.5 Daily Hours Door is Open = 1147608 Daily BTU Loss (Dy BTU) Temp Differential (TD) 68°F Indoors - 45° Outdoors ± 23 °F TD Test Scenario for Calculation: Energy to Cost Conversions: Heat Type Electricity •7 Wx 10' H door (typical strip door size offering) • 5 MPH average wind speed • 68 F interior temp • 45 F exterior temp • 1.5 daily amount of time the door is fully open • $0.09 Cost Per KWH for electric heating +Based on an air temperature of 70° F & .057 pounds per cubic foot density. As the temperature drops, density increases & the constant will be higher than 1.08. For example, at 15' F, the value should be approximately 1.29. țThe double dagger pointed out that the "Cost Per KWH" was available at your local utility provider. I based the $0.09 on the cost in Pennsylvania. PVCstrip does not guarantee that cost savings in this example will be identical in every environment. Results will vary

The Benefits of Strip Doors

shared by jwiq on Apr 23
This infographic explains how strip doors benefit businesses. Strip Doors can save on energy costs and maintain temperature control while keeping goods and employees safe.





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