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The Beginners Guide to CAN-SPAM

THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO CAN-SPAM SPAM If your business uses email to communicate with customers, partners or any other individual, you need to ensure that you fully comply with CAN-SPAM regulations. This is a piece of legislation that outlines very clear guidelines for sending business related emails. It also gives recipients of business emails the right to stop receiving emails if they wish and defines penalties for any breach of these regulations. $4 A common misconception about the CAN-SPAM Act is that it just applies to sending out bulk emails and it doesn't apply to businesses sending emails out as part of their day to day operations. However ALL commercial emails must comply with the CAN-SPAM law. SPAM STATS From Subject: Free Videos!!!! John Doe Jane 21% 2.43% 3.69% of people who receive emails will report the of recipients will mark an of email recipients will email as spam based on use the 'subject' to email as being spam. who it is from. determine whether an email is spam. Email lists which contain 10% of unknown users will only have 44% of their email delivered. How to Follow CAN-SPAM Rules SPAM If you violate CAN-SPAM laws you can face a substantial fine and failure to comply can have severe and lasting consequences for your business. In order to comply with the law however, you need to be aware of the legislation itself. Hi Melissa, we've got some new songs from your favourite artist! From : MyMusicPlaylist [email protected] Reply-to : [email protected] : [email protected] : Apr 25, 2013, 13:01 To Date 1 Avoid false or misleading information 2 Deception All data contained within the 'from', 'to', and 'reply to' fields Avoid using deceptive or misleading should be accurate and clearly subject lines. Ensure that the subject identify you as a business or line reflects the content of the email. individual who sent the email. Avoid tactics which hide your email address or that distribute emails from an unknown sender. MyMusicPlaylists Get The App Hi Melissa, 3 Disclosure We've got something special for you! Check If your email is an advertisement, out some new songs from Simon Lewis's new it must be clearly stated so that album on MyMusicPlaylists now! recipients fully understand that Track 1 they are opening an advertisement. Track 2 Track 2 Track 4 4 Location Simon Lewis The Journey Listen Now Emails sent to your customers or any other individual must display a physical postal address. This could be the address of your mymusicplaylists O Street 140 Chicago, Illinois 606060 business premises, a PO Box or any other address so long as it is If you don't want to receive future emails like this, unsubscribe here. linked to your business. 5 Opt Out Messages must include options for the recipient to opt out of receiving future email communications from your business. This should involve clearly displaying an unsubscribe button if you have sent the email out to your mailing list or subscribers 3D or providing simple instructions displayed on the email advising how the recipient can stop receiving emails. 6 Timely Opt Outs 10 When a recipient does opt out of receiving emails, the opt out request must be actioned within 10 working days.It is not permitted to charge a fee for this service, request that the recipient provide personal information other than their email address or make them go through unnecessary or 3D complicated steps to opt out. 3D Once a recipient has opted out they should be removed from your mailing list and their details not sold or %3D transferred to any third party. The only exception to this rule is if you have asked a company to help with your CAN-SPAM management. 7 Third Party activities Whilst it is important to monitor your own activity to ensure full compliance with CAN-SPAM you need to also ensure %3D that any third party organisations that you employ to manage your marketing campaigns are also aware of the legislation and comply with it fully. If they are sending out emails on your behalf which breach the laws it will be your company that face penalties not the organisation you used to send out the email on your behalf. Sources S EveryCloud

The Beginners Guide to CAN-SPAM

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If your business uses email to communicate with customers, you need to ensure that you fully comply with CAN-SPAM regulations. In this infographic you can follow the brief guide of CAN-SPAM


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