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The Beatles Guide to Lovable Text Messaging

New to text messaging campaigns? THE BEATLES GUIDE TO lovable Or just bored of seeing the same repetitive messages? TEXT MESSAGING Here's a 8 GROOVY WAYS TO ROCK YOUR SMS CAMPAIGN Beatles-inspired introduction to eight exciting ways you can use SMS to engage PROUDLY CREATED BY Mobile Commons by upland with your audience. PERSONALIZATION Text messaging is a very intimate communication channel, which is why referring to your subscribers by name is a great way to add a personal touch to your messages. You can also customize the content of your texts by gender, age, location, or any other characteristic or preference. SELE Hi Elisia! Thanks for attending our grand opening in Boston last night. Check out our Facebook album for pictures of the event: REAL TIME CHATS In times of need, we instinctively turn to our phones for help. Whether it's a personal crisis, a customer concern, or a general inquiry, a real-time text message conversation is the fastest and most direct way an organization can respond. With SMS, you can exchange messages with any number of individuals at the same time. Hi, I'm having issues connecting to the Internet. Can you please help? HELP! Hi Michael, thanks for contacting Wendy's Wireless. I'd be happy to help you today. What device are you currently using to access the Internet? PRE-FILLED WEB FORMS Text messaging is a powerful tool when it comes to driving action, especially for social causes. Whether you need supporters to sign a petition, make a donation, or register for a rally, you can use a text message to direct them to a web form that has been pre-filled with their personal information. BACKBIRD Taylor, do you support our clean energy campaign? Sign our petition now to add your name to our cause: TELL-A-FRIEND REFERRALS with a little help from my friends One easy way to grow your text messaging list is to get existing subscribers to invite their friends and family. All they have to do is text you the current phone numbers of the people they wish to invite. Each referred friend will then receive a personal SMS invitation to sign up for your text messages! Hi! Jason here from Kitty Korner. Your friend Sara has invited you to sign up for our weekly cat GIF texts. Would you like to accept? Reply YES or NO. TEXT-TO-CALL Phonebooks are a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can initiate a phone call with a text message. Whether you're asking supporters to call Congress or donors to listen to a celebrity sponsor's recorded message, your subscribers can receive a call by simply responding to a text or filling out a form. YOU KNOW MY NAME (Look Up the What bes gun control mean to you? Reply Number) CALL to hear a personal message from Jed Alpert to learn how you can make a difference today. AUTOMATED REMINDERS a day in the life The best way to remind someone to do something is to send them a text. From upcoming appointments, to prescribed medications, to application deadlines, a simple text message can make a big difference. And with advanced scheduling options, you can sit back and let the texts do all the work! Hi Sam. This is a reminder for your upcoming dentist appointment at 2:00pm tomorrow. Please respond Y to confirm, N to reschedule. Thanks! RESOURCE LOCATOR A text message is a simple way for people to find out what's nearby based on their current location. With just an address or zip code, people can find the nearest health clinic, polling place, store location, and more. You can also include driving directions, daily hours, and other information in your automated responses. HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE 45 Main Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 Your designated polling place is: PS 8, 37 Hicks Street, Brooklyn NY 11201. Hours: 6AM – 9PM. Enter on Poplar Street. MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING The best text messaging campaigns use interesting and varied content to engage their subscribers. Pictures and GIFS are the perfect way to add more to your texts without using up your 160 character limit. You can also invite your subscribers to send in their own pictures to enter a contest, participate in a challenge, or share their story. LUCY IN THE SKY Happy Caturday, Jenny! Send us a picture of your cat to enter our 'crazy cats' calendar contest! WITH DIAMONDS Visit Us: (O All Togethen Now Email Us: Inspired? Get started on your own text messaging campaign today! Call Us: 212.537.5175 © Copyright 2015, Mobile Commons by Upland.

The Beatles Guide to Lovable Text Messaging

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Beatlemania arrived to the United States in February of 1964, bringing with it a rock ’n’ roll revolution that would forever change the face of music. Now, 50 years later, we’ve ushered in the t...


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