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Beating the Elements with Outdoor Digital Signage

BEATING THE ELEMENTS WITH OUTDOOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat can keep a well-built outdoor display from delivering your message. OUTDOOR DIGITAL SIGNS NEED TO BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND THE ELEMENTS EXTREME -30° F 0° F 32° F 60° F 90° F 120° F EXTREME COLD Outdoor Digital Signage must be able to withstand temps as low as -30° F/-34° C or as high as 120° F/ 49° C HEAT Components such as a modem, router or media player also have to be kept from overheating or freezing up. WINTER SUN IS WORSE THAN THE SUMMER SUN Summer's hazy skies can cut down on UV rays, while a crisp, clear winter's sun can be the worst time for an LCD display. SOLAR LOADING SLANTING RAYS of the rising and setting sun will shine more directly on the face of the display and can be even more damaging than midday sun. SUNLIGHT caused by direct sunlight melting the crystal substrate of LCD displays is a danger when screens are exposed to direct sunlight. Outdoor displays should have sensors that automatically turn up the screen brightness to be viewable in sunlight and turn down the brightness to conserve energy when it's dark or cloudy. SNOW & SLEET RAIN & HUMIDITY Outdoor displays have to be resistant to water seeping in and tough enough not to crack from ice possibly forming on the outside of the enclosure. Moisture can seep into displays and cause serious problems. So outdoor displays need IP or NEMA rated enclosures. • Ice How can they cause damage? • Snow Mechanical parts can freeze • Sleet Ice and snow can add weight • Hail Hail can cause impact damage HIGH WINDSW Whether it's tornado season, hurricane season or blizzard season, outdoor displays should be rock steady to handle winds at least up to 100 MPH. SAND, DUST, POLLEN & OTHER POLLUTANTS In dry climates, sand and dust particulates can be a big threat to outdoor displays. They can get inside and do much damage and can also scratch the outer surfaces of the display. In the spring, pollen from trees and flowers can coat anything outdoors. It might not make your LCD screen sneeze, but those tiny particles can wreak havoc on the inner workings of your displays. Displays that operate near busy roads or transportation terminals are susceptible to brake dust and automotive fumes. POWER Outdoor environments tend to have "dirty" power, so displays can experience a range of power fluctuations. Is your equipment able to withstand brownouts and surges? VANDALISM & GRAFFITI The criminal element can be just as big a threat to outdoor signage as Mother Nature. The cover glass should be scratch-, shatter- , or bullet-proof to protect from vandals (or even from rocks thrown up by passing cars). The glass should also be treated to resist painting and be easily cleanable to thwart graffiti artists. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Don't sacrifice quality for a lower-priced display. In a thorough TCO analysis, what you save in capital expenditures may come back to bite you in operating expenditures. What is the life cycle of the display? How long before you have to replace it? You'll have to replace it a lot sooner if it can't beat the elements. FOR SUCCESSFUL MAINTENANCE Can the display be serviced in the installed position? If there is a problem, can a technician get to DEPLOYMENTS LOCAL the display? ORDINANCES Outdoor displays tend to more often come under the scrutiny of local governments than indoor displays. What permits are needed for outdoor displays? What mounting certifications are needed? Are there any restrictions on full-motion video if the display is facing traffic? DUTY CYCLE Most indoor displays run during business hours or 16-18 hour days, while many outdoor displays are on 24/7. Does the manufacturer's warranty cover 24-hour operation? WHY CHOOSE DIGITAL OVER STATIC SIGNAGE? monthly revenue 800% increases by DIGITAL ADVERTISING According to MRI, switching from STÁTIC POSTERS to INTERACTIVE OR ad sales go up TOUCHSCREEN by almost 1,200% Presented by: Learn how to beat the elements with outdoor digital signage... H Digital M anufacturing R esources I nternational DIGITALSIGNAGETODAY.COM/OUTDOOR

Beating the Elements with Outdoor Digital Signage

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how a well-built outdoor display can improve business.


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