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The Basics of Lead Nurturing

salesforce pardot LEAD NURTURING BASICS HÓW YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR MARKETING Few features of marketing automation capture the platform's simplicity and power as well as automated lead nurturing. With minimal input and maximum results, lead nurturing is one of the most powerful weapons in your automation arsenal. Let's take a look at the results companies are seeing from automation, the benefits, how it works, and a few example campaigns! DELIVERING REAL RESULTS Marketing automation users are experiencing serious improvements to their businesses. Below are a just a few key statistics. 50% 47% 20% 14% Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. leads at 33% lower cost. opportunities. BUSINESS BENEFITS Lead nurturing can dramatically improve your day-to-day sales and marketing workflows as well as the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams. The Right Message, At the Right Time. Effective marketing is all about the right context, and automated lead nurturing makes it easy to be timely and relevant. Save Time and Resources. Automating the most common and repetitive sales and marketing tasks frees your team up to focus on more important projects. Behavioral Triggers Easy Setup Campaigns can be assembled easily with a visual building tool that links directly to all of your existing marketing content. Automate Tasks Lead nurturing campaigns run automatically, doing all the legwork and freeing you up to pursue your warmer leads. Build Relationships Naturally. The strongest relationships are built slowly over time by providing real value, the way lead nurturing campaigns were designed. You know messages will always be relevant as they are sent only when the conditions you determine for each message are met. Integrate with Existing Databases. Syncing with your existing database means campaigns can be seamlessly folded into your sales and marketing workflow. HOW IT WORKS Lead nurturing allows you to create multiple campaigns to deliver a variety of content and information over a defined period of time or after a particular user action. The graphic below gives you an idea of what these campaigns look like. salesforce pardot Webinar Webinar eBook TIMING is always perfect TAILORED to fit needs Lead nurturing campaign messages are triggered only when a prospect Despite their sophistication, nurturing campaigns are easy to takes a specific action or a defined period of time has passed. This create. This means a marketing department can create campaigns ensures that marketing messages are always delivered right when they to suit a wide variety of leads and have leads automatically are needed and when they can provide the most value. assigned to a campaign based on their implicit criteria or behavior. VERSATILE USE CASES Nurturing campaigns can be created to fit a number of varying needs and situations. Below are just a few of the audience segments a marketing automation user is able to service with nurturing campaigns. New Leads Warm Leads Opportunities Customers IT Example Content Example Content Example Content VExample Content • Visual content like infographics • Helpful blog posts • White Papers or eBooks • Invitation to events or webinars • Demo requests • Product overviews • Event or webinar invites • Value guides • Onboarding information • Training resources • Product updates • Renewal notices • Competitive differentiators • Buyers guides Special offers and pricing • Sales proposal EXAMPLE CAMPAIGNS COMPLEXITY: OO000 COMPLEXITY: O O000 COMPLEXITY: OO00 CAMPAIGN FOR EVENTS CAMPAIGN FOR CAMPAIGN FOR COMPETITION RE-ENGAGEMENT PREP TIME: 20 Minutes PREP TIME: 20 Minutes O PREP TIME: 30 Minutes Competitive drips are designed to engage The tradeshow follow-up drip is designed to engage leads generated from your events and industry trade shows. The recipe is designed to slowly generate interest in your product or resource over the course of the month following the event. Reawaken inactive leads with a the clients or perspective client of your competitors. This drip is focused on re-engagement campaign. Designed for leads that have been inactive for a period of differentiating your service and highlighting the advantages of your service over that of your competitors. time, this campaign is centered around providing exclusive offers and promotions to excite and reengage sales prospects. COMPLEXITY: OO000 COMPLEXITY: O O00 COMPLEXITY: OOO00 CAMPAIGN FOR CAMPAIGN FOR CAMPAIGN FOR TOP OF MIND RENEWAL UPSELLS PREP TIME: 10 Minutes PREP TIME: 10 Minutes PREP TIME: 20 Minutes O The top of mind drip is designed to engage The renewal drip can be a convenient way to The upsell drip is designed to capitalize on the revenue waiting in the pool of your existing clients. By providing your existing your colder leads, preventing them from remind your existing customers when it is forgetting your company and keeping your time to renew their contracts. This drip can products fresh in their minds. This drip is be triggered a month before the renewal date clients with information and incentives to much slower, and provides content that and send multiple reminder emails and notify expand the list of products they are using, primarily focused on providing value. the assigned user if no action takes place. you can drive more revenue with little effort. SOURCES State of Demand Generation, Pardot, 2013 SiriusDecisions Gleanster, September 2012 Aberdeen Group, Marketing Lead Management 2012 Forrester Research salesforce pardot

The Basics of Lead Nurturing

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Automated lead nurturing can put the nurturing process on autopilot and notify you when leads are in a sales-ready state. With such intelligent functionality, behavioral triggers, and easy setup, nurt...




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