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The Bail Bond Process

The Bail Bond Process When someone is arrested, he or she is first taken to a police station to be booked Booking Information When a suspect is booked, or processed, a police officer records information about For less serious crimes, a suspect may be allowed to post bail immediately after being booked. the suspect and the alleged crime. Otherwise, the suspect will have to wait (usually less than 48 hours) for a bail hearing where a judge will determine if the accused is eligible for bail and at what cost. 4 Types of Bail Cash Bail %24 The accused pays the full amount of bail in cash. Sometimes the court accepts checks or even a credit card. Surety Bond (Bail Bond) Can be used for any amount of bail. A friend or relative of the accused contacts a bail agent, who is backed by a surety company and pledges to pay the full value of the bond if the accused doesn't appear in court. In return, the bail agent charges his client a 10 percent premium and collects some sort of collateral. Citation Release on Citation (Cite Out) In some cases, an officer will not book a suspect at all but will instead issue a citation saying that the accused must appear in court. Property Bond A defendant can provide some property to act as a bond. In these cases, the court gets a lien on the property in the amount of the bail. If the defendant doesn't show up for his courft appearances, the court can foreclose on the property to recover the forfeited bail. Dealing with Bail Bond Agents 6'6" Bail is used as a surety bond to ensure that the defendant returns to court. 6'0" A bail bond will cost the defendant 10% of the bail amount. 5'6" Some companies will take property as collateral. Bail bond amount is 5'0" Eighth Amendment non-refundable. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines 4'6" imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Though bail bond agents seem like part of a sordid business, since they're constantly dealing with accused criminals, it's still a business like any other. Just like you would with a professional in another field, ask to see a bail bondsman's license and identification Sources: Riaht Away BAIL BONDS NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing

The Bail Bond Process

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When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they are held in some type of holding facility until bail can be set. Bail is usually set by a judge during a bail hearing and the amount varies dep...


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