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Badass Fantasy Machines: 6 Most Influential Computers in Sci-Fi

BADASS FANTASY MACHINGES 6 MOST INFLUENTIAL COMPUTERS IN SCI-FI #6 BOMB #28 INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: Presenting a less serious take on Science Fiction, Dark Star was one of the first movies to portray an intelligent computer as belligerent and unreasonable. SKILLS: PHILOSOPHY - Bomb #20 is taught the basics of philosophy which makes dealing with the Al even more difficult. WHEN a ship tasked with destroying planets gets struck by electromagnetic energy, it creates a thinking atomic bomb, called Bomb #20. CRITICAL THINKING – When taught the concept of phenomenology Bomb #20 realizes the only thing to trust is itself. DARK STAR:1974 #5 MU-TH-UR INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: MU-TH-UR helped advance the "untrustworthy machines" theme in popular culture. SKILLS: MANIPULATION – MU-TH-UR knows just how much to tell her crew. MU-TH-UR is supposedly an on-board Al tasked with helping the crew in Alien pilot the ship. However, it soon becomes clear MU-TH-UR has other interests in mind. RESOURCEFUL - For an on-board Al, MU-TH-UR has a lot of control over the behaviors of the crew. ALIEN 1979 # 4 MATRIX INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: The Matrix was one of the first pop-culture works to address the idea of a separate avatar in cyberspace. THE THE Matrix O SKILLS: creates an MASSIVELY POWERFUL – the Matrix is able to entire world to keep people occupied while it harvests them for energy. simulate an entire world for millions of people. SELF-SUSTAINING – the Matrix created its own power source. THE MATRIX 1999 #3 GLADOS INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: GLADOS instantly became one of the most popular video game villains of all-time. GLADOS is a deadly, meme-creating (the cake is a lie) Al. In the game Portal, her sole purpose is to advance the field of science O SKILLS: by trying to kill your character. Oh, and she sings! CLEVER - GLADOS understands how to get what she wants, the computer is able to convince the test subject through a series of life-threatening challenges for science (and cake). SELF-AWARE - GLADOS is a super-intelligent computer who doesn't hesitate to tell you exactly that.only thing to trust is itself. PORTAL · 2001 #2 INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: SKYNET Terminator was one of the first blockbuster movies to address the issue of computers becoming self-aware and the consequencces. WHEN you create a global defense network and that SKILLS: network immediately begins strategizing how best to wipe out mankind, that's some good irony. INDUSTRIOUS – SKYNET can make time-travelling robots that are almost indestructible. POWERFUL- The system also happens to have access to all nuclear weapons in the United States. THE TERMINATOR: R:1984 #1 INFUENTIAL BECAUSE: 9000 HAL influenced every other computer on this list, and "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that," is still creepy. HAL HAL was one of the original intelligent computers, both remorseless and O SKILL'S: COMPLETE CONTROL - while HAL lets the astronauts think they have a say in the spaceship, it's really all up to him. coldly calculating. CALCULATING – HAL knows what his mission is and is continually updating what it will take to complete. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY ·1968 STAR TREK's ALIENS' PADD Motion Tracker, A personal tablet 20 years before they were a thing. Responsible for some of the most intense scenes in movie history STAR TREK's Universal Translator MIB's AMAZING COMPUTING DEVICES IN SCI-FI Neuralyzer Imagine being able to erase anyone's memory of you doing something stupid, whenever you wanted. Everyone would own two of these. Useful for anyone who is going to another country, much less another planet. MINORITY REPORT's Holographic touchscreen Whipping through web pages has never looked this engaging, and it takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. SCIENCE FICTION IS SOMETHING THAT COULD HAPPEN lenovo. FOR BUT YOU USUALLY WOULDN'I WANT IT TO. FANTASY THOSE WHO DO. IS SOMETHING THAT COULDN'T HAPPEN - THOUGH YOU OFTEN WISH THAT IT COULD. " Arthur C Clarke SOURCES: Star_(film) (film) Trek{franchise) ASpace_Odyssey_(film)

Badass Fantasy Machines: 6 Most Influential Computers in Sci-Fi

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This infographics outlines the 6 Most Influential Computers in Sci-Fi


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