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Backing up SMBs

Backing Up SMBS Data is the lifeblood of many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBS). Here's a bird's eye view of the backup and recovery landscape that today's SMB IT pros face. 67% of SMBS back up highly sensitive data $5700 average annual amount SMBS spend to manage data backup How SMBS back up highly sensitive data 58% Where SMBS back up 0-1 101 Direct-attached highly sensitive data storage or external HD 37% 00 MB n'o 1010110110 Tape SMB 33% 37% Off-site Replication 31% 25% SMB On-line Regular snapshots 30% 24% ----- Mix (on-line and off-line) Cloud based 30% or hosted backup service of those backing up, feel their current method is 26% 8% less than sufficient. Off-line Optical storage 22% 4% Backup site/ disaster Unstructured data archive recovery center Data management: An ever-growing problem With data needs swelling, many SMB IT departments are racing to keep pace, often on a shoestring budget. 47% 42% 41% 45% of SMBS with a of companies do not have a formal disaster disaster recovery plan recovery plan. Of these, 54% cite budgetary restrictions, while feel it's less than of companies say their storage environments are of SMBS have sufficient and only sustained data loss. 30% would be able to Of these, 14% were unable to recover recover all their data 20% believe they're growing by 25% or more per year. within 24 hours. not at risk. their information. 10101 01110 10111 1010110110101 001010101110 1010110110101 001010101110 1010101110111 1010110110101 00101010 101010111 1010101110111 1010110110101 001010101110 1010101110111 Top causes of data loss 54% 28% T hardware human failure error New solutions on the scene The most important factors in an online backup provider Is cloud the answer? 33% 29% reliability price 30% 14% public currently use the cloud 23% plan to start in the next year Of these: 46% Why are SMBS avoiding the doud? 20% | 25% 28% speed 31% expense hybrid private cloud lack of control of data/security issues 22% Deduplication and compression have implemented and another 22% are consideringa deduplication or compression solution. Why? 40% | 39% 32% Need to reduce amount of data sent off-site Duplicate info is causing rapid storage shortage Need to shrink storage environment The horizon 4 The cloud is one solution Data deduplication is helping SMBS deal with their ever- that allows SMBS to expense services monthly, helping them allocate IT dollars elsewhere. expanding data needs For smaller SMBS, changing tech can be rapidly adopted. Why's that? They tend to be more agile and have fewer "corporate hoops". Data backup and disaster recovery technologies are becoming more user friendly. The takeaway 010110110101 0101110 011111 0110101 0101110 1110111 Data backup and recovery will continue to play a major role in SMB success. IT departments are finding new ways to cope with increased data loads, limited budgets, and an evolving tech landscape. SPICEWORKS" Source: How SMBS are Backing Up: Solutions, Trends & Challenges, March 2013, Spiceworks Voice of IT The Spiceworks Voice of IT Market Insights program publishes stats, trends and opinions collected from small and medium business technology professionals that are among the more than 2.4M users of Spiceworks. Survey panelists opt-in to answer questions on technology trends important to them. To find out more about our research capabilities, email [email protected] Sponsored by CARBONITEO

Backing up SMBs

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Data is the lifeblood of many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Here’s a bird’s eye view of the backup and recovery landscape that today’s SMB IT pros face.


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