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B2B Marketing vs B2C Marketing – What You Should Know About it

B2B B2C Vs WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT WHAT IS B2B MARKETING? WHAT IS B2C MARKETING? B2B stands for business to business, B2C stands for business to customers, a marketing that happens between two businesses like buying or selling company with planned tactics and strategies sells its products or services to customers. This is B2C marketing. products and services is B2B marketing. AUDIENCE B2B B2C The target audience of B2B The target audience of B2C marketing lies at the bottom who are customers. Promoting advertisements, product-driven promotions becomes necessary. marketing can be defined easil and focusing on the marketing trend becomes easier with tools such as Google Analytics and Keyword Research. DECISION MAKING PROCESSES B2B B2C Decision making depends on the On the other end, in B2C two companies. Several factors can be negotiated and the communication is open. marketing the communication is closed and customers have to go with the decided market price. ADVERTISING B2B B2C B2B advertising is more In B2C advertising, the brands informational, and focus on how the have to reach out to their product or service can benefit the other business, rather than just focusing on advertisements and other content promotions. customers effectively with content marketing and other promotions to sell their products. WRAPPING UP! B2B MARKETING AND B2C MARKETING BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT MARKETING STRATEGIES, TARGET AUDIENCE, AND ADVERTISING FACTORS. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT? GIVE US A CALL TODAY TO TALK WITH OUR OPENWAVE EXPERTS AND GET A FREE CONSULTATION! +60 122 204 278 INFO@OPENWAVECOMP.COM.MY B2B B2C

B2B Marketing vs B2C Marketing – What You Should Know About it

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Confused with B2B and B2C marketing? Gain a clear understanding of the difference between B2B and B2C here.




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