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The B2B Marketing Guide

PRESENTED BY OKISSmetrics THE B2B MARKETING GUIDE 2011 EDITION In a recent study conducted by Google, over 600 B2B marketing professionals were surveyed and were asked about their marketing strategy for 2011. This survey assessed how these marketers planned to spend their marketing budget, the challenges they faced, how they analyzed ROI and the overall effectiveness of marketing programs. What follows are some key findings from that survey. 1. How did B2B marketers allocate their marketing budget in 2010? 62%2 34% TRADITIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING METHODS MARKETING METHODS (trade shows, magazines, direct mail, etc.) (social media, SEO, email marketing) BREAKDOWN OF TRADITIONAL BREAKDOWN OF DIGITAL MARKETING METHODS MARKETING METHODS 4% - OTHER (as a percentage of the total marketing budget) (as a percentage of the total marketing budget) 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 28% 8% EVENTS/TRADE SHOWS EMAIL MARKETING 120 1570 13% MAGAZINES/PUBLICATIONS 5% ONLINE CONTENT 9% SEO (search engine optimization) 5% DIRECT MAIL 7% SEM (search engine marketing) 5% SPONSORSHIPS 3% 4% TELEVISION DISPLAY ADS 1% 3% 28% OUTDOOR MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA of marketing budgets are earmarked for events and trade shows 3% RADIO ONLINE VIDEO 1% MOBILE 2. Where do B2B marketers anticipate budget increases for 2011? These percentages reflect the average anticipated increase (of those surveyed) in the budget allocation for each marketing channel. 50% 34% 43% 40% 38% 38% 40% 35% 35% of marketers who were already marketing through digital channels planned to increase their digital budgets in 2011. 30% 23% 22% 21% 41% S 20% 10% of marketers surveyed expected a budget increase in 2011. And out of that group, the average anticipated budget increase was 21 percent. 0% ONLINE SOCIAL ONLINE EMAIL OTHER CONTENT MEDIA VIDEO MARKETING MOBILE SEO SEM DISPLAY ADS 3. Most effective media channels. TOP 10 MOST EFFECTIVE MEDIA CHANNELS SEARCH VISITING USING ONLINE PODCASTS, ONLINE SOCIAL MOBILE EVENTS, MAGAZINES, ENGINES WEBSITES EMAIL CONTENT WEBCASTS VIDEO MEDIA TRADE SHOWS PUBLICATIONS 8 out of the top 10 most effective marketing channels are digital. •.00000. 4. Biggest challenges for 2011. • • •..0000oo LIMITED BUDGET LIMITED STAFFING INSUFFICIENT ROI ANALYSIS 40% 39% 31% of companies are concerned they do not have enough budget to fund their plans and deliver on goals. of B2B marketers believe they will not have enough people to execute planned marketing efforts. of marketers indicate that insufficient ROI analysis is one of their biggest challenges. 67% of marketers indicate that revenue, lead quality, or lead volume is the most important metric for digital efforts. 5. Predictions for the future. TRADE SHOWS WILL REMAIN IMPORTANT 85% of that group plan 7O/0 investments in 2011. of marketers invested in to increase those event marketing in 2010. SEARCH IS STILL #1 FOR REACHING B2B AUDIENCES EMAIL MARKETING A TOP DIGITAL PRIORITY 81% of the B2B marketers surveyed believe their audiences are using search engines for work purposes, and they agree that search marketing is the most effective digital channel to reach them. Approximately one-third of these marketers are planning to increase their email budgets in 2011. EAGERNESS TO TEST NEW APPROACHES 85% NEW of B2B marketers said that SEM was effective for gaining new leads. SEM was ranked as the number one 69% channel for gaining new leads. of marketers intend to try out new digital tactics in 2011. EXPECT A RENEWED FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER 62% 87% Two-thirds of marketers say that of B2B marketers agree that since the economic downturn, customer loyalty has declined. of marketers customer retention is where the majority of their marketing dollars will go in 2011. invest in customer retention. SOCIAL MEDIA EMERGING INTO B2B MAINSTREAM 42% 16% of marketers plan to try using social media as a marketing channel for the first time. of marketers believe that social connections have a positive impact on the brand or brand sales. 38% ↑ J0%0 40% of B2B marketers believe their audiences frequently of marketers plan to increase their social media budget in 2011. use social media for business purposes. MOBILE AND ONLINE VIDEO EXPECTED TO SURGE 40% 12% of those already using mobile as a marketing channel anticipate positive growth in 2011. of marketers intended to incorporate mobile into their marketing plans for the first time. 48% 35% of B2B marketers believe that online video of B2B marketers already using initiatives have a strong positive impact on their company's brand and sales. online video will increase their video budgets for 2011. DESIGNED BY DATA COURTESY OF AKISSmetrics Google TRY KISSMETRICS FOR FREE KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you make smarter business decisions. Start your FREE trial at

The B2B Marketing Guide

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More businesses are trying to embrace online marketing, the trend is here but it seems most of them are still hesitant, I guess we still need to see some significant financial results coming out of so...



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