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B2B Marketing Automation

A whole new game. B2B MARKETING AUTOMATION VOLUME, VELOCITY, VALUE B2B MARKETING ARENA KEY MARKETING TACTICS 2011 MAIN EVENTS EFFECTIVENESS BUDGET WEBSITE DESIGN, MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMIZATION There's more to your website than what meets the eye. Just like a pentathlon consists of shooting, swimming, fencing, horse riding and cross-country - running; an excellent website is a heady mix of 5 key elements- content, design, optimization, engagement and conversion. 31% 16% SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Great SEO involves heaps and heaps of backlinks. Interestingly, rowing is the only sport wherein participants cross the finish line backwards. Just like SEO, which is high impact, rowing is a high endurance sport. 29% 09% EMAIL MARKETING You can't do without email. In today's digital world, email is the most effective way to hit the bullseye. In fact, in 14th century England, it was compulsory for 26% 13% every man between the ages of seven to 60 to be trained in archery as it was considered integral to the defense of the land. TRADESHOWS Tradeshows are all about networking and handshakes. Judo involves intense one-on-one confrontation. The Japanese martial art is a whirlwind of physical activity with a series of throws and holds. 20% 21% VIRTUAL EVENTS/WEBINARS Virtual events and webinars drum up a lot of excitement and applause. Throw in a high profile speaker and it is sure to fetch a large audience. The equestrian competition signifies the crescendo of high class glamour. In ancient Greece and Rome, horse and chariot racing were the most popular sports. 19% 07% PAID SEARCH Paid search targets prospective customers who are already interested in your area of business. Much like paid search, diving involves a great deal of precision and targeting as athletes plunge into the water from as high as 10 meters above. 16% 13% PUBLIC RELATIONS Your public relations machinery must ensure that stories of smooth sailing float in the media. Sailing is a tricky sport. Sailors need great skill and nerves of steel to battle the ever changing conditions of the open water. 13% 09% DIRECT MAIL Direct mail is a dying and nostalgic form of communication. The Marathon race celebrates Pheidippides, a Greek soldier who ran from the battle town of Marathon to Athens. He announced Greece's victory, collapsed and died after h unning 06% 10% for two days. SOCIAL MEDIA The growing social media animal must be dealt with the perfect balance of skill and grace. Social media managers must walk the tightrope between pushing content and engaging in conversations. Gymnasts have been wowing audiences from the time 06% 09% of Ancient Greece with their perfect balance of mind and body. PRINT ADVERTISING Print advertising may be old world but has stood the test of time with its reach and effectiveness. Weightlifting showcases a test of pure strength. Weightlifting is the oldest and the most basic form of physical competition. 06% 12% THE HERCULEAN CHALLENGE KEY CHALLENGES 2011 GENERATING HIGH GENERATING HIGH QUALITY LEADS VOLUME OF LEADS 74% 49% THE NAME OF THE GAME IS MARKETING AUTOMATION WE ARE HERE (2012) WHERE WE WILL BE (2016) 18% $325 85% 40% MILLION B2B ORGANIZATIONS EXPECTED SPEND MARKETING AUTOoMATION B2B ORGANIZATIONS USING A MARKETING on MARKETING USERS WHO BELIEVE EXPECTED TO ADOPT AUTOMATION AUTOMATION THEY ARE NOT USIING A MARKETING PLATFORM THE PLATFORM TO THE AUTOMATION FULLEST POTENTIAL PLATFORM WHAT MARKETING AUTOMATION CAN DO CAMPAIGNS LEAD NURTURING SALES QUALIFIED LEADS LEAD GENERATIONn EMAIL, CONTENT, SEO, PAID SEARCH, SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL BUYING STAGE, ENGAGEMENT, WHITEPAPERS, PURCHASE INTENT, WEBINARS, BUYING BLOGS, CASE STUDIES, TRADESHOWS, DECISION MAKER EVENTS, PR WEBINARS ENTERPRISE VISITORS, DECISION MAKERS & INFLUENCERS, VISITOR INTENT, LABELING, COПTАСT DATA, SCORING REQUIREMENTS, PURCHASE POWER WEBSITE VISITOR IDENTIFICATION EAD QUALIFICATION REASONS TO IMPLEMENT MARKETING AUTOMATION INCREASE REVENUE 68% GENERATE BETTER LEADS 43% GENERATE MORE LEADS 34% IMPROVE MARKETING EFFICIENCY 29% IMPROVE CUSTOMER RETENTION 21% INCREASE CLOSE RATE 14% IMPROVING MARKETING MEASUREMENT 13% IMPROVE MARKETING SALES ALIGOMENT 12% DECREASE MARKETING COSTS 09% THE GAME CHANGERS MARKETING AUTOMATION VENDORS - QUALIFYING CRITERIA ABILITY TO EXECUTE MARKETING EXECUTION ABILITY TO EXECUTE OPERATIONS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ABILITY TO EXECUTE OVERALL VIABILITY (BUSINESS UNIT, FINANCIAL, STRATEGY, ORGANIZATION) COMPLETENESS OF VISION PRODUCT/SERVICE MARKETING STRATEGY MARKET RESPONSIVENESS SALES EXECUTION / BUSINESS MODEL AND TRACK RECORD PRICING VERTICAL/ INDUSTRY STRATEGY COMPLETENESS OF VISION GEOGRAPHIC STRATEGY COMPLETENESS OF VISION MARKET UNDERSTANDING SALES STRATEGY OFFERING (PRODUCT) INNOVATION STRATEGY "IMPACT ON REVENUE GENERATION IS HIGH AND SATISFACTION WITH VENDORS IS GENERALLY STRONG, BUT ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT ISSUES CONTINUE TO REDUCE POTENTIAL IMPACT." "BY 2017 THE CMo WILL SPEND MORE ON IT THAN THE CIO" 10% 11% 4.8% 3.6% 9% HIGH-TECH MARKETING 4.7% MARKETING HIGH-TECH MARKETING MARKETING IT IT BUDGET ALLOCATION AS A PERCENTAGE OF REVENUE 2011 BUDGET ALLOCATION AS A PERCENTAGE OF REVENUE 2012 SOURCES 1 "THE 2012 B2B MARKETING BENCHMARK REPORT" BY MARKETINGSHERPA 2. "SIRIUSDECISIONnS BENCHMARK" BY SIRIUSDECISIONS X LeadFormix 3. "GLEANSIGHT MARKETING AUTOMATION" BY GLEANSTER 4. "BY 2017 THE CMo WILL SPEND MORE oN IT THAN THE CIO" BY GARTNER ANALYST LAURA MCLELLAN A CallidusCloud Company 5. "B2B MARKETING AUTOMATION VENDOR SELECTION TOOLHIT" BY RAAB ASSOCIATES 6. "MAGIC QUADRANT FOR CRM LEAD MANAGEMENT" BY GARTNER. ©2012 LEADFORMIX inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

B2B Marketing Automation

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America’s most decorated gymnast, Shannon Miller once said, “At the Olympics, you (are) there to do a job. I feel you should take it seriously. You should be respectful. You are putting on the red...




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