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B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos [Infographic]

Lan B2B MARKETING 2016: 5 DIGITAL MUST-DOS by y @MDGadvertising We've sorted through dozens of research reports to identify five key digital approaches that are already working well for marketers and that have substantial future growth potential. We believe that if you smartly spend on each, you'll be well positioned for the year ahead-and beyond. Which areas should B2B marketers devote additional digital spend to in 2016? What are the best approaches and tactics to focus on? FOCUS ON CONTENT QUALITY 100% QUALITY Savvy B2B organizations have realized that content marketing is a powerful tactic, and that it can be made even more effective by targeting content quality, not just quantity. PRODUCT B2B organizations are going all-in on content in 2016: Marketers are looking to create better content this year: 76% 51% 60% 72% of B2B marketers plan to increase content production expect to spend say producing high-quality content is a are focusing on creating more-engaging content more budget on content marketing challenge In 2016, go beyond surface-level metrics to truly understand which digital content pieces are driving action. This will help convert increased content traffic into additional sales and revenue. MAP THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY B2B marketers rank improving lead quality as one of their top current business challenges. What's the best way to get better leads? By properly mapping out the customer journey. Lead quality is the foundation of content Better leads come from a better understanding of marketing: customers: OF B2B MARKETERS SAY LEAD QUALITY IS A KEY BAROMETER OF B2B MARKETERS 87% 87% SAY MAPPING THE FOR MEASURING EFFECTIVENESS CUSTOMER JOURNEY IS ESSENTIAL TO DIGITAL SUCCESS The key to understanding the customer journey is to invest time and budget into developing an in-depth, data-driven map of the full buying process. DIVE INTO PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS ll Some 55% of B2B organizations are hiring for marketing analytics roles in 2016. Why? Because many have come to see the immense benefits of predictive analytics. B2B organizations that utilize 2X have a larger market share compared with have annual exceed their annual marketing ROI goals revenue predictive analytics are... MORE LIKELY TO growth rates above 10% competitors B2B COMPANIES ARE USING PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TO... Understand Target new leads and marketing opportunities Optimize marketing spend to reach the right buyers how high-value customers *** engage The key benefit of predictive analytics is that it allows companies to identify the best approaches, potential customers, and strategies beforehand-rather than waiting to find out. BOOST SALES WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION How can you nurture enough new leads at every step of the buyer journey to significantly increase revenue? One increasingly important approach is marketing automation. B2B marketers are investing in automation tools: 66% plan to increase their spend on marketing automation platforms in 2016 ...BECAUSE AUTOMATION PLATFORMS PRODUCE MORE LEADS: Creating an integrated automation system isn't simple-52% of B2B 52%) marketers say they struggle with it-but, if done well, it can make your marketing more efficient across the board. Automation platforms boost the sales pipeline by 10% on average DON'T FORGET ABOUT SEM AND WEBINARS Some 46% of B2B buyers are now Millennials. This group is much more likely to research online before reaching out to a sales rep, which makes SEM and webinars more valuable than ever. They're already champs; B2B marketers rank: #1 SEM AS MOST-EFFECTIVE PAID TACTIC #2 WEBINARS AS MOST-EFFECTIVE UNPAID TACTIC THEY'RE WIDELY USED–AND GROWING: www Millennial buyers do 12 web searches on average before reaching out to sales reps of B2B buyers view videos/webinars 70%) during the evaluation process, with 48%+ watching for more than 30 minutes on average Don't forget about tried-and-true digital tactics like SEM and webinars in 2016. These approaches may not be new, but they're increasingly efficient and effective. mdg SOURCES ASCEND2, B2B MULTICHANNEL, CINTELL, CIRCLE S STUDIO, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE, DIGITAL MARKETING DEPOT, DUN & BRADSTREET, Twitter: @MDGadvertising FORRESTER CONSULTING, INFORMATICA, INFORMATION AGE, MARKETINGPROFS, REGALIX, SALESFORCE. III

B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos [Infographic]

shared by MDGadvertising on Apr 30
With 2016 now in full swing, which digital tactics should B2B companies be devoting additional spend to? Marketers are already spreading their budgets across a wide range of digital channels, inclu...


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