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Authoritative Identity: Your Customer Journey

AUTH ORITATIVE I DENTITY: YOUR CUSTOMER JOURNEY SHERPA Today's consumers are connected 24/7, making it hard to deliver consistent and relevant messages wherever they shop. Authoritative identity helps you recognize a customer as he jumps from device to device, so you can provide an improved shopping experience. MEET CHRIS. CAN AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY LEAD HIM TO THE PERFECT VACATION? An avid traveler, Chris is enrolled in multiple rewards programs and visits the tropics at least twice a year. He's a dream customer for a hoteľ's newest Hawaiian resort, but let's see what happens when this hotel tries to get Chris in the door-with and without customer authoritative identity in place. WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY • Lives in the mountains of Denver • Visits Hawaii 2 times a year • Is enrolled in 1 hotel loyalty program Chris is unknown and 2 airline mileage programs • Has a P.O. box and no landline • Uses 4 different email addresses • Owns a mobile phone, tablet, and laptop WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY One of his favorite hotels shows him an ad for a new THE OMNICHANNEL JOURNEY BEGINS resort in Hawaii Chris is eating lunch, killing time watching You Tube on his phone. Only 7% of consumers give advertising's targeting and relevancy an "A." 7% WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris sees random ads. Yawn. ENHANCED DESKTOP The next day, Chris hops on his computer and opens up a popular travel site to continue research. WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris's previous behavior is recognized. The same resort shows him a deal for 50% Consumers consider only HALF of marketing as being "on target." free breakfast. WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris sees generic travel ads, which he ignores. MINDFULLY MOBILE Later, Chris visits the hotel chain's mobile app for the first time WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY He sees a standard homepage He's directed to a landing promoting everything from dude ranches to ski packages. page featuring the new Hawaiian resort. SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Excited about the new Hawaiian resort, Chris calls the hotel's concierge to ask about booking add-on excursions. - - - - - - - - - - - , WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Linking Chris' phone number to his existing rewards member information and recent online activity, the customer service agent offers him a discount, upgrade and additional program points that are designed for repeat customers. Only 4% of marketers report the ability to measure performance across channels. 4% WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris spends 5 minutes answering basic questions. GAIN OMNICHANNEL CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE Cross-device messaging that always feels relevant helps compel customers to become brand loyalists WITHOUT AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris has a pretty good vacation, but he's open to trying other hotels next time. WITH AUTHORITATIVE IDENTITY Chris is one happy vacationer! He's gotten nothing but great promotions and service. He's definitely booking with this hotel next time. Acquiring new customers costs 5-10x as much as retaining existing ones. Loyalty matters! CREATED BY COLUMN FIVE Sources: Neustar - Sept. IG Retail Report "Marketing Relevance in an Omnichannel World," 2015, Forrester neustar.

Authoritative Identity: Your Customer Journey

shared by ColumnFive on Feb 22
As shoppers journey across different touch points, marketers need ways to message them consistently. See how authoritative identity can help you in this infographic via Neustar and Column Five.


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