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WELCOME TO ATTRIBUTION Do You Know PRODUCT SEARCH Where Your Sales and Leads are Coming From? SPONSORED LISTING AND DISPLAY ADS SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATION MORE www DISPLAY ADS VISIT WEBSITE AND FILL OUT FORM CONVERSION EMAIL OFFER What is ATTRIBUTION ? Attribution in marketing is a methodology for giving appropriate credit to each ad' or other item that influenced a sale, also known as a conversion. Move from: Half of my marketing budget works... just don't know which half! Why Should Your Company ONLINE MARKETING Embrace Attribution? $ "72% of marketers and agencies surveyed agree that marketing attribution enables better To: All of My Marketing Budget works!! budget allocation across channels and better returns." PPC SEO When you know where your sales are coming from, you can do more of what works and elimingte the waste! Why Do Companies Do Attribution? 57% 42% 36% 62% 39% 47% High priority 36% 28% Medium priority Low priority 11% 25% 7% 10% Correctly Create most effective media mix based on true value toward conversion Understanding funnel and sales determining affiliate cycle length to plan campaigns Justifying digital spending payments How Can You Set Up Your Company for Attribution? Identify every way in which Telephone: a lead or sale can contact Install telephone tracking on your website. This facilitates your business and put a system in place to track from where they found out about your company: the tracking of the source of every lead or sale that contacts your business by phone. Email: Do not put an email address on your website as tracking the source of an inquiry through email is impossible. Replace emails with easy to fill-in inquiry forms. Inquiry Forms: Ensure that once a query is submitted, the user is diverted to a thank you page. Set up a destination URL goal in Google Analytics to track this. Track the source E-commerce Tracking: of every lead and sale. If you sell online, set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics. In-store: Use discount codes that can only be redeemed in-store. Assign different codes to different channels. Set up POS systems to track from where in-store purchasers heard about your company. What happens if a client sees ad's on multiple platforms before buying! 100% Decide on an As this is the easiest to use, it is the Last click most commonly used method. The entire sales/conversion value is Attribution Model! ▬ attributded to the final click. 100% This is where the first interaction Position Position based is whereby varying percentages are allocated to a channel depending on where in the sales cycle it featured. For example, the first and last interaction could be given 40% each while the interaction in between these could be allocated the remaining 20%. The rationale here is that intergctions that create First click gets all the credit. Based 40% 30% 10% 10% 10% The linear approach gives all Linear channels that assisted in the 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% conversion an equal share of the the value. awareness and actully close sales are more voaluable than those channels that do assist but don't create the initial awareness or close the sale. Time Decay 45% 25% Time decay assigns greater value to interactions, the closer they are in time to the sale taking place. 5% 10% 15g Custom 45% This is where a company or 25% 15% 10% agency devise their own model based on their own specific needs. 5% Results will differ depending on which model yOu use! First Interaction Time Decay Last Intergction $ 208.00 $ 234.00 $ 219.88 Organic Search $ 143.00 $ 189.00 $ 153.59 Referral $ 113.00 $ 131.00 $ 122.31 Social Network 3 Analyse the Data and SEO Google Social Total AdWords Media Radio TV Spend Take Action! 300 400 Revenue 4500 Generated 250 350 so00 Gross 4900 3200 Profit 3150 400 3500 Having lots of data but not acting on it is as useless as having no data! Study your data, scale up what works and stop spending on ineffective channels! Return on 3430 Investment SO% 2240 280 245 758% What Attribution Models Do Companies Use? Agencies Clients 70% 54% 54% 60% 41% 41% 50% 35% 40% 29% 25% 24% 20%. 30% 10% .9%, 20% 7% 10% Other, please specify Unsure of Linear-all Time decay- First click- full credit is assigned methodology to the first Unique Customized more credit is assigned to interactions closer to the time of conversion Last click- full method, but we do attribute interactions credit is assigned by channel- to the last share evenly in the credit certain channels developed in-house or credit by channel are weighted more/less heavily interaction interaction by agency What Action is Taken Based How Effective is Each Attribution Model? on Attribution Data? Very Impact on Digital Marketing Spend: Very Somewhat Somewhat effective ineffective ineffective 9% 8% | 23% 13% No impact on digital marketing spend effective 2% 1% Customized by 29% 49% 17% 5% Decrease in Decrease in spending in some digital marketing channels channel spending across all Unique methodology 27% 64% 9% 0% digital marketing channels 23% 69% 8% 0% Linear 52% 51% 14% 15% First click Increase in Increase in spending spending in some digital marketing channels Last click across all Clent digital marketing channels |Agencies Impact on Channel Investment: Significant increase No change Significant decrease Some increase Some decrease 7% 5 % 14 % 16 % 3 % 4% 7 % 9 % 15 % 29 % 12 % 47 % 51 % 35 % 41 % 59 % 29 % 44 % 50 % 47 % 54 % 38 % 13 % 41 % 35 % 35 % 38 % 22 % 19 % 5% 15 % 10 % 9% 18 % 17 % 15 % 18 % 13 % Television Direct Print Social Mobile Email Affiliate Online SEO magazines /newspapers Paid postal mail and/or media display marketing advertising search radio marketing Barriers to Attribution: 37% 42% 42% 51% Requires new staff resources Need to better Unsure of how to choose appropriate method/model of attribution understand potential advantages 32% Lack of 41% ...... priority within marketing 33% Lack of Lack of data or access to data to inform the process management buy-in 27% Lack of budget Attribution technology not where it needed to be A Real Life Success Story! ADWORD CUALISIED INOVIDUA. Go gle Eddie O' Driscoll MD DPFOC on Attribution: Why did you do start doing attribution? 68% "Our company and our clients spend large sums on advertising across a range of platforms each month. We always worked hard to ensure the traffic was targeted geographically.contextually and landing on the best damn landing page we could. Despite this, we really had no clue what our cost per lead by medium was – we were in the dark as were our clients so we knew we needed to start attributing." Cost per lead 230% Monthly PPC spend What results have you achieved? "Attribution has been a game changer for us. By implementing rigorous attribution policies across the business, we gained unprecedented visibility into where our leads were coming from. We have slashed our cost per lead and dramatically increased lead flow. We believe that we waste none of our marketing budget anymore!" 80% Monthly investment in SEO So When are You Going to Start Attribution! Produced by DPFOC ( References: Driving Profitability For Our Clients The Home of Scientific OnlMne Marketing


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Attribution is the practice of attributing every sale or lead that your business gets to a particular advertising spend or channel.


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