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Asendia USA Future of E-Commerse

THE FUTURE OF INTERNATIONAL e-COMMERCE PREDICTIONS FOR “e-COMMERCE KING" 1. U.S. 2. CHINA 3. UK ASIA-PACIFIC IS PREDICTED TO TAKE OVER AS 4. JAPAN 5. GERMANY "e-COMMERCE KING" 2013 2016 Consumerism growing The PERFECT time for İIIII111 +, small and large e-Commerce businesses to take the plunge into GLOBAL e-COMMERCE! e-Commerce tools evolving COSTS Main cause for shopping cart abandonment: high shipping fees, added costs to e-tailers and consumers. A Average documented rate of 67.91% from 2006 to 2014. International shipping with popular carrier services prices have been rising for years. BIG NAME CARRIER SERVICES MOST LIKELY AREAS FOR COST HAVE RISK FOR CONTINUAL INCREASE BY BIG CARRIERS: Dimensional weight (large packages with low weight) COST INCREASE ON PARCEL SHIPPING IN 2014. Minimum charges cancel out discounts +32% GENERAL I IN 5 YEARS Shorter shipping zones Accessory Fees FedEx and UPS announced a general rate increase for air and ground services at the end of the fourth quarter in 2013. ARE SHIPPING COSTS HURTING YOUR BUSINESS? GLOBAL e-COMMERCE SHIPPING TIPS 54T | ALOHA Close language barriers by accommodating local languages HALLO | HOLA and hiring customer service professionals who speak TAX COMPLIANCES: TAXES BETWEEN COUNTRIES VARY. COMPLYING WITH THESE DIFFERENCES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. 1.00 US DOLLAR : BONJOUR HELL0 the language. DON'T BE SURPRISED 0.72 EURO Country-specific regulations can make international shipping seem like a nightmare. Currency converters can save a lot of time if you provide them for consumers directly on your website. Russia orders in OTHER METHODS OF PAYMENT 85% As of March 31, 2014 both Royal Mail (UK) and Australia Post (Australia) have changed their prices for online parcel shipping and postage. Different countries prefer different payment methods. Some countries are hesitant to hand over personal information like credit card numbers. 15% South America uses a payment plan called M-Pesa for completing orders on mobile devices. CREDIT CARD PAYPAL AND M-PESA INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ALLOW BUSINESSES TO GAIN PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS & REDUCE FEES THESE e-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS OFFER: • Pricing options • DDP (delivery duty paid) and DDU (delivery duty unpaid) • Easy integration with current e-Commerce infrastructure CONSULT EXPERTS Simplify the process of staying up-to-date with international regulations and distribution laws. • Return management • Low fraud risk • Multicurrency transactions • Packing and labeling • Shipping • Logistics Coverage of many countries • Minimal charges PARCEL CONSOLIDATORS/FULFILLMENT SERVICES: Some companies offer solutions that can handle all of the shipping for you. TIPS FOR EXPANDING INTO GLOBAL e-COMMERCE Opportunities to sell on a global level can do great things for a business. It's important to remember that as long as you're doing it the right way, going global can be easy and profitable. CONSIDER THE MARKET START SMALL Everything takes practice, and rushing into something like international shipping can be complicated. MUST HAVE DEMAND OUTSIDE THE PRIMARY MARKET CANADA IS A GREAT STARTER COUNTRY FOR GLOBAL e-COMMERCE Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of international marketing while avoiding the language barrier. 85% English speaking Canadians CREATE A PLAN AND MARKETING STRATEGY! RESTRICTIONS INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTIONS OFTEN LEAD TO AN INCREASED NUMBER OF MISTAKES FUELED BY LANGUAGE AND CURRENCY DIFFERENCES. CERTAIN GPS DEVICES MOUTHWASH & VINEGAR, ENDANGERED SNAKESKIN PRODUCTS, AND CERTAIN DOWN FEATHER PRODUCTS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES & LIQUIDS, CHRISTMAS CRACKERS, AND MORE. PERISHABLE ITEMS, MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL INTOXICATING BEVERAGES LASER POINTERS, DOG COLLARS, AND CERTAIN TYPES OF DIAMONDS. LITHIUM BATTERIES HAVE STRICT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS & ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME. 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Asendia USA Future of E-Commerse

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Infographic on International shipping focusing on lowering costs, ease of use, expanding wisely.




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