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Are You a Type A Superstar?

Conventional wisdom Are You a Type A Personality? advises Type A individuals to become Type B individuals. That's like telling a bald eagle to become a sparrow. A better option is to become a Type A Superstar! IS HAVING A TYPE A PERSONALITY A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING? Though the term “Type A Personality" was introduced more than 50 years ago, there are many people who do not know what constitutes a Type A Personality, and so many negative things have been written about Type A Personalities, it has Many of the wonderful attributes and contributions of a Type A Personality have been lost in this overly negative focus. In fact, Type A individuals have made tremendous positive contributions and have been a driving force for progress and productivity. When achievement-oriented Type A individuals become self-aware and learn how to self-regulate their thoughts, emotions and behaviors, they can eliminate Type A collateral-damage causing behaviors and truly become TYPE A SUPERSTARS. created a biased and skewed view of the Type A Personality. PhD TOP 100 COMPANIES AWARD DR. IMA EXZOSTED CEO MR. I. B. CHILLIN SUPERVISOR TO DO DONE TO DO DONE Characteristics of a Type A Characteristics of a Type B → Strong drive to achieve & succeed → Short fuse → Relaxed → Not driven to achieve → Frustrated with others ambivalence → Easy Going + Easy for them to relax & do nothing → Determined → Works Steadily + Frustrated by time delays + High levels of multi-tasking → Difficult to 'turn off' work → Ambitious → No sense of time urgency → Seldom feels stressed → Strong sense of time urgency → Work is just a way to pay the bills & take care of the → Rarely takes work home → Impatient, irritated, demanding, intolerant → Not competitive family even when at home → Happy winning or losing → Will often back down in → Tends to delay work as long as possible → Prone to high levels of → Self-motivated stress + Takes initiative the face of conflict → Prone to feeling disconnected from family & friends - Tenacious + Competitive with self & others → Can be at higher risk for stress-related health problems like stroke, heart attacks, insomnia, depression & weight gain. Type B's → Proactive → Prone to being a workaholic As long basic needs are met they tend to be content with the status quo. Often valued employees who have little ambition or drive ..At high risk of causing collateral damage to themselves, their families and their organization as they strive to achieve highest levels. be leaders Type A's or top performers. Tend to rise to the top ranks in: EDUCATION the BUSINESS SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT POLITICS MEDICINE Characteristics of a Type A Superstar Strong drive to achieve & succeed without causing collateral damage Seldom frustrated or irritated High emotional intelligence Personal success is important but so is making a meaningful contribution to something larger than themselves Able to strategically direct the emotional energy of others Determined, ambitious, self-motivated, tenacious & takes Self-aware & able to wisely modulate their emotions, thoughts & actions initiative Healthy work-life equilibrium Doesn't want to lose but can handle Healthy competitive perspective losing without excessive stress or disappointment Excellent stress management skills Positive attitude, patient, proactive, creative, collaborative Sets challenging but attainable expectations & goals Able to disconnect from work & relax, and to bring out the best in others Able to achieve even higher levels of success without creating costly collateral damage. Take a FREE Type A Personality Test at: TypeATribe This work is owned by Kay Cannon, Inc. and may be reproduced without alteration pursuant to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License (CC BY-NC-ND), with attribution to Type A Tribe and Type A Nation are trademarks of Kay Cannon, Inc.

Are You a Type A Superstar?

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This project compares the traditional definitions of Type A personality characteristics versus Type B personality characteristics and introduces a new personality category, Type A Superstar. Conventio...


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