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Are You Ready To Take Charge Of Your Future?

Are you ready to take charge of your future ? ONE Yes Are you willing to do what ever it takes to get out of debts? Great, decisiveness is the No most cortial ingredient. If someone asked you : "why are you in debts?" what Yes would you answer ? Are you saving 10% of your income on a montly No Feel free to skip this bases ? My income is too low and I article ,You will find cant keep up with all the no use in it I spending much more then I eran bills No Yes I am a shopholic Do have the option to work Do you understand that's your financial future? more hours? Change your job or get a second job ? How many Credit cards do you have ? Please contact shopping/ for treatment Yes No No Yes 0-1 more then Yes, I can do more. What should I do ? Do think I will have Well, Reducing your monthly spent can help you get closer to a balanced account. How enough money for pension ? Will the edition to your salary be equal to your text Are you willing to keep only monthly over spent ? Wow, You are a star, Now many Credit cards do you one and leave it always at all you need to do is track have ? home? your expanses Well, You are on your way to financial catastrophe split your income to 3, Does your housing costs exceed 1/3 of your income Yes Yes No No If your income is not 1/3 of your income you will never get our of debts. Move out Perfect, this s the first step Wonderfull, That's a start to a brighter future but there is a lot of work a to a different area when head. housing is less then third of your income We need to Calculate you bills and all your cut back hard monthly expenses by category: Transportation You most be asking your self now where can I Cut? Well you will be surprised. This is your money time, Are you ready ? Food Services Entertaimnet Food :Are you eating out at work? Coocking at home is 60% cheeper: Transportation :Are you driving to work ? Services: Do you have cable package ? Entertaimnet :Do you have gym memebership ? $15*22*12=$3960 Start taking wals and exersize at home $55*12=$660 You could save up to $2000 Gas = 22*12*20*$3.75=$19,800 Cut cable and start downloading You could save up to $22,300 Yearly $45*12=$540 yearly You could save up to $660 Yearly You could save up to $540 Yearly A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step LUIU uiayi a ny a uesynj Ci CaLeiy .com

Are You Ready To Take Charge Of Your Future?

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If you are in debts? not saving for the future? want to set financial goal for you family this one is for you


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