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Are you Losing Out?

ARE YOU LOSING OUT? 7 WAYS TO RUN AN UNSUCCESSFUL MOBILE EMAIL CAMPAIGN You try to optimize emails for mobile - here and there. But you have no coordinated strategy, and the fact is, that's costing your company big time. So if running a failed mobile email marketing campaign is your goal, follow these tips to make failure inevitable. #1: PROCRASTINATE ON CREATING TO-DO LIST AN INTEGRATED STRATEGY O CREATE INTEGRATED STRATEGY ASAP Email optimization for mobile is a key component of any mobile optimization strategy, but if your site isn't optimized, too0, your email Losing customers Losing money Losing conversions conversions won't be much help. 75% of mobile users in the U.S. use their phones for sending and receiving emails 40.1% of all email marketing campaigns are 4 in 5 opened with mobile devices mobile users will quickly move on to another website How much would it cost you if your if a website they're viewing conversions dropped 40.1%? isn't mobile-friendly AND REMEMBER, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMER! ONLY 3.3% of users will view an individual email on more than one device BUILD A COORDINATED EMAIL OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY, AND MAKE SURE TO LINK TO OPTIMIZED WEBSITE CONTENT, TOO TRY THIS INSTEAD #2: FORGET ABOUT SCALE If you're among the 7 in 10 American adults who wear corrective lenses, you probably don't enjoy reading tiny Losing customers Losing conversions text on your smartphone, either. ARE YOUR EMAILS FILLED WITH TEXT-HEAVY IMAGES AT 800 PIXELS WIDE? We're betting they'Il be illegible when they're 250 pixels wide 70% of users will immediately delete an email if it doesn't display well on their mobile device TRY THIS INSTEAD OPTIMIZE FOR STANDARD SMARTPHONE WIDTH: 360-480 PIXELS If you want your emails #3: PAY NO ATTENTION to get buried, go ahead: TO WHEN YOU SEND send them at midnight on a Saturday. Losing conversions 23.6% of all emails are opened within 1 hour of sending TRY THIS INSTEAD TARGET TIMES WHEN MOBILE ENGAGEMENT IS HIGHEST WILL BOOST RESPONSE 10 A.M.-NOON: 4-6 P.M.: Highest mobile engagement Mobile engagement pick up again Same for desktop engagement, which continues through 1 p.m. #4: SKIP THE DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS Only successful marketers need demographic targeting. 85% of U.S. digital marketers already practice list Losing conversions segmentation and targeting SEGMENTATION BY DEMOGRAPHICS IS CITED AS THE #1 MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD ON MOBILE: Mẹn open a total of WOMEN 80% of millennials own a 20% more emails MEN cell phone and are more Women click within WOMEN likely to open your email on emails 10% more often MEN a smartphone KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHICS FOR MOBILE SPECIFICALLY, AND ADJUST EMAIL CONTENT ACCORDINGLY TRY THIS INSTEAD #5: FOCUS ON JUST ONE MOBILE PLATFORM Losing conversions You've got an iPhone. Doesn't everyone else have an iPhone? 46% of views are from iPhones 28% are from Android phones 25% are iPad views TRY THIS INSTEAD OPTIMIZE FOR EVERY DEVICE: O Keep subject lines and body copy short and sweet O Double-check text-only versions for readability O Remove Flash, Javascript, and pop-ups from the landing pages and emails O Optimize readability for every width #6: HIDE YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION Place a tiny CTA at the bottom of your email, then see how many customers want to play hide-and-seek. Losing money Losing conversions 61% of users will quickly leave a mobile site if they don't see what they're looking for immediately TRY THIS INSTEAD PLACE YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION WHERE THEY DON'T HAVE TO SCROLL TOO FAR TO FIND IT #7: MAKE PURCHASING DIFFICULT Too many clicks, too much typing, poorly optimized product browsing - is there any better CAUTION CAUTIU CAUTION way to convince your customers Losing money Losing conversions not to buy? mobile users are more 7 IN 10 likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site TRY THIS INSTEAD U Design purchasing tools with small-screen ease-of-use in mind O Link directly to featured products from your emails – don't make them search your site SOURCES http //www.onbile com/intu/mobile-usage-statistics/ http:/ https:/ pet http // http:/ htmi This infographic was brought to you by: REACHMAIL

Are you Losing Out?

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This describes 7 common issues with mobile email marketing campaigns and how to overcome them.




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