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You're looking in the wrong place. The most engaged populations aren't where you think they are. Internet and mobile adoption in emerging markets is growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world and their social network users are more engaged. Global businesses should look to divert some of their online ad spend into these emerging markets now to capitalise on this growth. Online ad spend is lowest in these countries and therefore investment here will see greater a ROI. Global Overview 6 out of every 7 people in the world have internet access 7.1 6.6 2.4 BILLION BILLION BILLION People on the planet Mobile subs Fixed line subs Non-Internet users The figures for access to the internet from a mobile device or from a fixed line broadband is astonishing. The rate of growth for mobile is 530+ Million (5% YoY) Mobile subscriptions Fixed line subscriptions The number of social network users around the world has risen from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion. 1:4M1t Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world now use in f You Tube social networks. D00 33% 24% 91% Global Global Global penetration penetration penetration Internet users social media mobile Broadband 74.6 41. 65.8 76.8 -53.6 44.3 31.9 25.7 49.1 19.8 34 2012 36.6 40.9 2011 37.5 16.4 32.6 38.3 2010 23.4 2009 Internet users Per 100 People (Millions) AFRICA +129% AMERICAS | +31% ASIA +76% EUROPE +17% OCEANIA +20% The emerging economies of Africa and Asia show the largest % increase in internet usage. These predictions will help you as digital marketers to gain a better insight into the future of internet engagement. Social Worth In 2013 there are more social network users in Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. But it doesn't stop there, over the course of the next 4 years analysts predict a massive growth in these developing economies. 181 174 173 216 777 209 MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION You You You Tul You Tule You Tuli You Tule North Western Central Latin Asia Mid East America Europe & E Europe America & Africa The number of social network users in 2013 Social network % increase 2011-2017 Once again the emerging economies are growing much faster in terms of the % increase in social media users. 191 146 114 63 46 25 North Western Central Latin Asia Mid East America Europe & E Europe America & Africa Engagement Like Mid East & Africa Latin America with 55% leads the way with active twitter users is just behind America with 59% of active users f on 33% Tweet 7,231 Mid East & Africa has the smallest number of active users with just 7.49 MILLION but has the highest % of registered users that are active on YouTube at 31% Asia pacific has 204 million users with 26% registered G+ users, it is ahead of Europe with just 48 million active users and 18% of registered accounts using G+ You Tube 8+ Social media engagment online 5.2h Worldwide Average Time Spent on Social media ARGENTINA 9.8h BRAZIL 9.7h RUSSIA | 9.6h THAILAND 8.7h TURKEY 8.6h 1. Argentina (9.8) 2. Brazil (9.7) 3. Russia (9.6) 4. Thailand (8.7) 5. Turkey (8.6) Advertising Total Media Ad Spend Worldwide by Region (2013) ASIA PACIFIC LATIN AMERICA 38% 7% MID EAST & AFRICA 4% 2013 CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE 4% WESTERN EUROPE NORTH AMERICA 21% 35% +71% +53% +52% +33% +24% +8% Latin Mid East Central Asia North Western America & Africa & E Europe Pacific America Europe Total Media Ad Spend Growth 2011 - 2017 The most socially engaged market (according to SEB) is China, with 85% of China's social users having socially shared in the past month compared to 58% of Britons. China not only has 95million users on Facebook, (despite the social network being officially blocked) but WeChat which has driven social growth in this market was rebranded from Weixin to appeal to an international audience. Global businesses should look to divert some of their online ad spend into these emerging markets now to capitalise on this growth and see a greater ROI on their investment. Sources From Design By Team Family Guy Rosanne Squared "ONLINE Squared class July 2013

Are you looking in the right place?

shared by niksos on Dec 03
Where's social and mobile heading. Small study at Google Squared class




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