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Are you Getting the Most out of Your Transactional E-Mail

ARE YOU GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TRANSACTIONAL E MAIL? THE CROWDED INBOX 47 191 BILLION The total number of emails received every day. The number of emails received by the average email address every day. 108.8 BILLION business emails 82.6 BILLION personal emails 27 business emails 20 personal emails TRANSACTIONAL EMAIL CUTS THROUGH WHAT IS TRANSACTIONAL EMAIL? WHAT IS BULK EMAIL? One-at-a-time emails that are triggered by a user's interaction with a website. This can mean e-receipts, thank you emails, comment notifications and password resets. 'Transactional email' doesn't have to involve the exchange of money, though they are important in e-commerce. Email sent in large quantities, like email newsletters. Generally, marketing emails that aren't transactional emails are bulk emails. Bulk email is usually sent to to a list of subscribers who have opted-in to receiving email updates. 125% OPEN RATES CLICK RATES 106% VS. 100% 20% 17% Transactional email Bulk email 75% 15% The average transactional email is opened multiple times, which means they have an open rate of OVER 100% Click rates for transactional emails are almost 6X HIGHER 50% 10% 25% 5% 15% 3% 0% 0% Transactional Bulk email Transactional Bulk email email email TURN OPENINGS INTO CONVERSIONS CREATE AN EMAIL SERIES. +13% SAY THANKS'. MAIL -35% The click rate for shipping The increased revenue generated by a welcome series over a single welcome email. confirmations that don't say 'thank you'. Thanks for Your Order of... Inbox (1) Junk PERSONALIZE YOUR EMAILS. From: +41% The increase in unique clicks Drafts To: [email protected] for personalized marketing emails. Hello, Steve Sent Deleted We're writing to confirm that we received your order for... CROSS SELL. +20% The revenue increase for transactional emails with cross-sell items. BE SOCIAL. CAN-SPAM +55% The increased click GET THE MARKETING TEAM INVOLVED. The CAN-SPAM act allows for 'dual use' messages. BUT any marketing offers cannot be made in the subject line, and the message must be 'primarily transactional'. rate for transactional emails containing social links, Customize templates and track metrics for all your transactional emails. Unsubscribe Sources:

Are you Getting the Most out of Your Transactional E-Mail

shared by matthewzajechowski on Mar 24
Easy SMTP has made this really informative infographic that covers transactional emails vs bulk emails for business owners. Lots of cool stats and information shared here.




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