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Approaching a Monetization Strategy that Spans the Customer Journey

A P PROACHING MONETIZATION STR ATEGIE S A CROS s THE CUSTO MER JO UR N EY Customer Insights Map Awareness Consideration Acquisition Engagement Via the Journey Thinking CMO . I love this new • Im waiting on the CMO for improved content to A/B test on the landing page • Wanting all n to get better insights • Wish I had better collecion to accurately track customer behaviors • How can we incentivize influencers to recommend the product • Can I leverage any positive review on our site content • I don't have time to skill up on all the Al being used currently • These data findings are disorganized and confusing for my team to understand . I don't want to have to migrate our . We need more data on case studies information to a new platform • We don't want to give in to "shiny object syndrome • The automated data elements of this platform save me a lot of time • What are the new vs returning visitor percentage on influencer sites • Why isn't the CMO using all the data I'm providing Identify the thought process and logical triggers of your customers as they enter each stage of the buying journey. to use in our marketing onboarding process Me tan we get to the top of the SERPS • Wish I understood granular details on why Imy data in one common place mechanisms certain campaigns are working Feeling CMO CIO CMO • Satisfied • Optimistic • Frustrated • Under pressure • We need to get our facilitated content in front of buyers earlier" • The high churn on the pricing page means the content isn't resonating" • "I could make better content if i had more competitive data • Unheard • Limited • Accomplished • Excited by new Al initiatives Map the emotional triggers and key micro moments your customers have at each phase/stage of the journey. "We get a bulk of visitors to the portfolio" • We need better tracking mechanisms across our touchpoints" • Wary of fast platform changes Saying • "We need to find ways to get user engagement metric from sites with Pulsemotiv • "Some data points being asked for are difficult to track and/or combine" • "We need to get our product on more influencer sites - It helps with visibility" • "I don't know what content is resonating "These platforms . "We're getting high have good security and good tracking" • Excited by new Al initiatives • Apprehensive about any bad reviews • Confused Identify what affect the emotional triggers are having on your customer's opinions. • We need to prioritize security over experience in our sign up process" • The CMO's email triggers aren't optimized for data collection" "The platform for the free trial sign up is clunky and outdated. It needs to be replaced." experience scores in this stage" and should be the core of new content" Touch Points Google Label the specific touchpoints to each stage of the buyer's journey. Assign metrics wherever possible. Influencer Google Soft Search *" Pulsemotiv Facebook YouTube Twitter Product Revisit: Influencer site Google Search Product Facebook Retarget Ad Personal FAQS YouTube WordPress Webinar Free Trial Email App Cues Check Out Portfolie - Search Visual Ad Ad Ads Reviews Network Experience Mapping Quantify the effectiveness of individual touchpoints per stage. - CMo Departments . Operations Product Development Growth Marketing Data & Analytics Sales and Partnerships Customer Support Creative Strategy Cost Impact 0-10: Platform V A Azure $500 VA VA VA Snowflake $5.000 Salesforce $9,000 VA Wordpress $4,500 VA VA VA Moat $650 VA The divergence between the customer experience and the employee experience at this stage of the journey signals there's friction when shifting from the emotional to logical reasoning process and opportunities for improvement exist. Slack $1.500 Tableau $300 2 VA VA Anthos $650 Kortical $0 • Product images • Testimonials • Content on product • Analytic tracking • Tutorial software • Purchase security • Hotjar analytics • Data collection • Triggered events ct details videos • Ad tracking • Affiliate partnerships • Keyword tracking software • Youtube tutorial videos • Positive reviews Assets List assets available to employees and consumers at each stage. ting content jeted ads program national forums • Customer support service service Opportunities • Better data sharing policies with influencers • More competitive da • Smoother implemen • Loyal buyer rewards and incentives security Identify opportunities to improve specific touchpoints, and the overall stage of the buyer's journey. an be used/functions on the client's site Metrics • Reach • Branded searches • Paid ad impact • SERPS • Recall Rate • Click Through Rate • Social Engagement Rate • Referrals • Time on Site • Scroll Depth • Play Thru Rate • Slideout Conversions • Brand Lift • Brand sentiment score • Customer Effort Score • Cost of Acquisition • Conversion to Free Trial • Customer Sentiment Score • CAC:LTV Ratio • Email Open Rate • Shopping Cart Churn • Customer Satisfaction Score NPS • Social Engagement Score • App Engagement Score • Time In App Decide which metrics will be crucial to each stage. Collect these data metrics and compare over time. • Conversion to Paid User Path-to-Purchase G Comparison Compare two path- to- purchase journeys by di- viding each into stages, labeling major touch- points, and collecting specified metrics. Visibility & Engagement Score Customer Effort Score (CES) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) NPS Score Path 1 6 15 13 28 77 67 24 22 52 85 152 48 62 135 22 33 65 121 77 153 58 100 "Modfed or danhboard Path 2 Visibility & Engagement Score Customer Effort Score (CES) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) NPS Score 83 79 48 62 16 75 123 19 133 65 24 32 175 43 135 112 "Modfed for dahboard ROCKET SOURCE ©2020 RocketSource. All rights reserved. I II ►►►

Approaching a Monetization Strategy that Spans the Customer Journey

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As you develop pricing strategies around your revenue model or consider innovating on your revenue model entirely (a daunting task, to say the least), you must keep the customer and the people within ...


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